Compare Costa Rica Dental Prices

Let us compare the best dental clinics in Costa Rica for you and find the best possible Costa Rica Dental Prices

What is the cost savings for dental services in Costa Rica?

Dental ServiceUSCosta RicaSavings
All-on-Four (Full Mouth Reconstruction)$45,000-$60,000$15,000-$24,00065%+
Dental Implant$5,000$750-$1,000 80%+
Dentures $3,000$600-$100065%+
Porcelain Veneers$1,000$350-$40060%+
Teeth Whitening $650$33050%+
Root Canal$1,100$300-$45060%+
Note: Prices are an approximation. Please contact us to get the best possible quotation based on your needs. Flight from US or Canada: $650-$850 Hotel: (7-10 days) $800-$1000 The prices shown are approximate. The actual price will depend on many factors, including the dentist, procedures, materials used, personal dental health and travel preferences. Other costs may apply, such as medications.

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