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    Internationally trained Doctors and Specialists.


    In Costa Rica, the name Kriebel has a long community association with dentistry. Along with his father, Dr. Mariano Kriebel is carrying on a dental practice that represents strong traditions founded on generations of quality care and professional ethics that began over 125 years ago.  Our Promise is (and has always been) your satisfaction.

    KRIEBEL DENTAL have come to be one of the most dedicated dental practices in San José, Costa Rica.

    The doctors and International Patient Coordinator all speak fluent and perfect English.

    Internationally Recognized.

    DR. RICARDO KRIEBEL CORONADO graduated and trained in the U.S. with a specialty in Prosthodontics from the University of Indiana.

    Dr. Kriebel Haehner is the next generation at Kriebel Dental in Costa Rica. He studied, trained and taught at The Ohio State University before returning to Costa Rica to continue with a family tradition.

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      Please refer in the comments field the procedure you are looking for... i.e, All on 4, Dental Implants, Veneers, and when you are planning on treatment.

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      Patient Testimonials

      Read what our patients have to say about Kriebel Dental.

      Karen Burdsall

      My relashionship with Kriebel Dental has been very close through the years, as my whole family have been patients of four generations of Kriebel dentists. They have treated me, my grandparents, my parents, my sisters, my husband, my nephews, my children and even my grandchildren. I have been a Kriebel patient for the last 40 years. The restorative treatment they have provided has been without parallel, excellence at its best. As I have lived part of my life overseas, I have been treated by dentists in other countries also, specially in the United States, and they have always admired the Kriebel work in my mouth, to the point of even photographing it and sharing it with their colleagues. I am very satisfied with the dental treatment I have received over the years and recommend Kriebel Dental without reservations.

      Evelio R. Escurra

      I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciations to Kriebel Dental and their wonderful staff for the great professional treatment I received while I visited their dental clinic. I was truly amazed by the quality of the dental restorations and top-notch equipment. I must say that Dr. Ana Lucía Pérez truly turned my dreaded root canal experience more into a mother and child tender session, such a friendly and caring professional.

      James C. Stanley

      It is a pleasure to recommend unconditionally Kriebel Dental for all your dental needs. I have been under their care and guidance for over 45 years. This is a four-generation practice! The services provided have always been outstanding and of the highest quality, their personal well-trained, prompt and courteous, their standards excellent without exception. No doubt you will be satisfied and comfortable, as I have been over the years, in the hands of these professionals.


      At Kriebel Dental the only that you can receive is efficiency, accuracy and excellent service. We traveled specifically from USA to their office to treat a relative and the performance of Dr. Mariano Kriebel was beyond our expectations. I highly recommend this clinic for any kind of dental work you are in need to get done. We are deeply satisfied and they have won lifetime patients with me and the members of my family. They are simply, the best dental professionals in Costa Rica. You will be in the best hands

      Patricia Paulsen

      I traveled from the Untied States to Dr. Mariano Kriebel’s office for some much needed dental work. It was an amazing experience, something I never thought I would say about dental work. During the two weeks I was in Costa Rica I visited Dr. Kriebel’s office three times. I never had to wait, the office was incredibly clean, the staff attentive and Dr. Kriebel had the lightest touch of any dentist I’d ever visited. My dental work consisted of replacement of old amalgams and crowns that I had done when I was in my early 20’s. He is an amazing Dentist, I was prepared for pain and discomfort and had none! Dr Kriebel is very honest, I was told I needed two root canals before my visit to his clinic. He throughly examined these teeth and saw no need for root canals. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and I now have a beautiful smile. I will travel to Dr. Kriebel’s office for any future dental needs.

      Jorge Barnes

      I am extremely happy and grateful with the services delivered by Dr. Mariano Kriebel, Dr. Ricardo Kriebel and the team of professionals who assist them. When I visited my dentist in United States I was told that my case was difficult and costly which lead me to search for answers in Costa Rica -my native country-. My relatives, who have been patients of Kriebel Dental for decades, referred me to the clinic. From the first call I made the service was excellent, they took the time to listen to me and explained what the procedure was going to be. I was scheduled for two weeks and everything was completed as it was planned. The whole treatment went painless and the work performed exceptional.

      Kriebel Dental

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