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    Internationally trained Doctors and Specialists.

    Dentistry that is more joyful, less stressful.

    Boutique clinic – relaxed atmosphere, upscale, using the latest in technology.
    We use the highest-quality materials and expert lab technicians.
    Dental Implant Patients will benefit from the most experienced dental team in Costa Rica
    Our well-respected and talented Lead Prosthodontists directs every case.
    Our Costa Rica Dentists have successfully treated thousands of Dental Tourists from the U.S. and Canada.
    We are experienced at All on 4s, All on 6s, All on 8s and Full Mouth Restorations.

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      Please refer in the comments field the procedure you are looking for... i.e, All on 4, Dental Implants, Veneers, and when you are planning on treatment.

      Tell us about the dental services you need

      Patient Testimonials

      Read what our patients have to say about Sonria Dental Clinic

      Tommy Zadick

      I recently returned from Costa Rica June 2019. I had dental work done at Sonria Dental Boutique in Escazu. This was my second trip. I went in December 2018 to have two implant posts placed. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the quality of work and the overall care and treatment I received from the Sonria staff. From my very first contact with the patient coordinator, Howard…who was in constant contact before during and after both of my trips to CR, the personal driver, Ronald, who picked me up at the airport and drove me to my appointments (NO CHARGE), the front office staff, and especially Dr. Karr? (not sure of his name) who did my two implant posts PAINLESSLY AND WITHOUT ANY DISCOMFORT WHATSOEVER! , Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Ugalde who placed my crowns PERFECTLY. It’s been over two weeks and I don’t even notice them in my mouth; they are so natural. I needed two implants and was quoted $9,500 in Virginia. Sonria placed both implants and x-rays for about $4000. I cannot imagine this procedure being any better than it was. Maybe I got lucky, but I would highly recommend Sonria to anyone considering going out of the country to save big bucks on major dental. They also helped me with my insurance forms. An added bonus is that Costa Rica is a very beautiful country in the interior-beaches, wildlife, rainforests,waterfall, volcanos, monkeys, great food, friendly people, birds, etc. If anyone would like to contact me for more info, feel free to email I am currently in Virginia USA. Tommy Zadick

      Regina Harrel

      I would like to share my wonderful experience with those of you who are contemplating dental implants. This has been one of the best decisions that I have made concerning my life and my health, dental implants! Like many of you, I “googled” implants, costs, convenience, time, etc. It was overwhelming. Luckily, I have plowed the way for many of you. Stop! Look no further! Sonria was my choice and should be yours too! They mapped everything out for me. From the moment my airplane landed, I was in their hands and they made sure all my needs were met. Kind, friendly knowledgeable staff. They were extremely compassionate and they worked at a pace that was comfortable for me. You, my friend, don’t look any further, do something nice for your own self. Call Sonria dental boutique and tell them I, Regina Harrel, sent you.

      Gail Mitchell

      After making the decision to have my smile completely restore, I went to a Dr. in the US where I live. I was given a quote which I fell was outrageous as well as the plan its self. He wanted to pull more teeth; ones I did not feel needed to be pulled. I had know about Dental & Medical work in Costa Rica being excellent & decided to combine a vacation along with my dental visits. I sent my x-rays to a few clinics to see what plan they suggested. After receiving different plans quotes, I decided on Sonria Dental Boutique. The reason was their professionalism showed in the extensive & thoroughly explained treatment plan. They were in constant communication and quickly answered any and all questions and concerns. They even called me to personally discuss things. A major difference is the quality of materials they use, only the best, and not inferior implants and crowns materials. Upon arriving, they arranged my airport transport and all transport to and from my appointments. I was very nervous as I was having 6 implants, crowns, bone graft and sinus lift, and really didn’t know what to expect.

      Tom Nixon

      I had teeth implants just over 6 months ago and I’m amazed because they feel like a part of me already. I am so grateful each and every day for placing my faith in you when I thought it was my last chance for a normal life. I didn’t hold out much hope but I prayed a lot, and my prayers were answered when I met and trusted in you. You are an incredibly talented and compassionate Prosthodontist/dentist and lady. Please thank staff for being so kind and caring to me also. I can truly say your office has been a pleasure to come to. In closing, I want you to know I think about you every day when I eat! Eating has turned into a joyous event, not a dreaded one, as has been the case the last 20 years or more. Thank you and May God bless you, Tom Nixon

      Lior Buchbut

      My name is Lior and I had an intensive dental treatment at Sonria Dental Boutique with Dr. Oriana Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez is a truly professional. Beside the fact she’s a great doctor what makes her special is a great attitude where every step is being explained to the patient, treatment becomes not too bad, options and suggestions apply during treatment and a wonderful customer service with a great personal treatment. Dr. Gonzalez makes patient feel confidence and in good hands thru the whole procedure. It is hard to find the right words to show appreciation to Dr. Oriana Gonzalez and team. I’m truly happy with the results, feel healthier and glad I had my dental treatment with Dr. Gonzalez. I will definitely recommend Dr. Oriana Gonzalez to anyone I know for dental service.

      Thank you Dr. for being super wonderful!


      I am so glad that I found Dr. Gonzales and her Associates. For the first time in years I feel as though I am getting the help with my dental problems that I need.
      I am impressed with Dr. Gonzales, She has a welcome attention to detail. She worked and worked until she got my crowns perfect. And that is really nice.” I also need to mention the outstanding coordination of services and transportation provided.

      Cinthia Sherrod

      Sonria Dental Boutique was a great choice for me to get some dental work done. Dr. Oriana was awesome, she explains each process to me, she had the gentlest hands. I’m so thankful I choose this establishment. I came in on Monday and again on Thursday and the outcome was just AWESOME!!!

      I would recommend everyone to choose Sonria Dental Boutique. This was my first visit to Costa Rica and it was with the friendliest people. I will tell all my friends and family to come.
      Thank you so much Dr. Oriana!

      Greg Seymour

      Dr. González, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dental experience. Ever since I was a kid I have dreaded going to the dentist. The teeth cleaning and whiting Session I had at Sonria Dental Boutique was the most comfortable dental experience I have ever had.

      Pam & Dennis Bergeron

      My husband and I came to Sonria Dental Boutique for bridge and crowns work. I researched many dental clinic in Costa Rica. We chose Sonria for the personalized care and her attention to detail. The finished result for both of us were above our expectations.

      Thank you Dr. Oriana and your caring staff, a great experience. We can smile with confidence again.


      Jonathan Peacock

      I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience in a dental office. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, Dr. Gonzalez kept me informed each step of the way, and she was very gentle throughout the process. The TV and headphones helped me relax and a few times I even forget I was having dental work done. Dr. Gonzalez focuses 100% of her attention on a single patient, which is a nice change from what happens in the states, where the dentists are often going back and forth between two or three patients at a time. An excellent staff, outstanding service and amazing results allow me to recommend Sonria Dental Clinic without hesitation

      Lori Smith

      I am so excited that I came to you and Sonria Dental Clinic for my FULL mouth restoration. Your gentle, kind and thoroughly professional care leaves me speechless! Your focus and concentration level was most duly noted from the first appointment and carried through the entire process. Your methodical approach to my needs, 28 crowns, total bite overhaul, dimensions, everything was precisely calculated and carried through.

      Lisa Sellers

      Hi Dr. Gonzalez,
      I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the work you have done so far. I have gotten so many complements on my smile. I’m so excited about seeing you in six months. I have been telling all the doctors I work for about how much time you spent with me and what an incredibly compassionate and talented doctor you are. My husband Mike really enjoyed your husband’s company. He found him incredibly interesting and such a nice person. I am following all of your instructions and doing well.

      All my admiration,

      Felix Diner

      Dr. Oriana is excellent and more than a dentist she is a “DENTAL ARTIST”… No pain and I had multiple implants and bridge. My teeth look perfect and most important, REAL!!

      Debra Mulhollen

      I had the best experience at Sonria Dental Boutique, everything was perfect. Dr. Oriana is amazing, she is gentle, professional and thorough and never rushes to get the work done quickly. I was comfortable with the headphones and watching TV on the ceiling while she worked.

      The warm neck pillow and blanket ensured I was comfortable. I loved the fact that I was the only patient here while they were treating me and was the center of attention. The detail with my teeth is amazing!!  My teeth look gorgeous!!! I recommend Sonria Dental Clinic to all the people I meet here and I will continue to do it when I get back to the US.

      Roger LaRose

      From the time I walked in the door I was treated with respect. Questions and treatment plans are answered and explained. These are experienced and well educated professionals who go the extra mile for the client. I sincerely believe they are some of the best.

      Pam Logan

      I’m very satisfied with my treatment, Dentists were very professional, competent and kind with me. I will recommend Sonria Dental Clinic to all my family and friends because they have good service, prices and treatments.
      Thank you so much!!

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