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About us

“The mastery of the rare art of a smile makeover is what you will receive in Costa Rica. A smile that blends naturally with your body while creating a magical aura around you can only be conceptualized by the finest dental specialists.”

Dental Tourism Costa Rica is created to help patients from the USA and Canada find high quality, affordable dental care in Costa Rica.

If you have taken the decision to travel to Costa Rica to receive dental care, you have to know that you can SAVE up to 50% or 70% OFF on your dental work with high quality standards.

At Dental Tourism Costa Rica we will help you find the right dental clinic in Costa Rica according to your budget and special dental needs. Let the Tourism Dental Specialists at Dental Tourism Costa Rica handle all the work and find that state of the art dental clinic you have been looking for.

All you have to do is send us your dental work needs and one of our Dental Tourism Specialists will compare from the best clinics in Costa Rica to present you with the option that fits your dental requirements and budget.

Whether you wish to straighten crowded teeth, close a gap, improve the appearance of your smile line or replace teeth which are missing, it’s amazing how much can be done in a short space of time with the right dental team and technology. This is why Dental Tourism Costa Rica is here… Just to make your life easier…