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Costa Rica Dental Prices

Big Savings When Choosing Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa Rica dental tourism is expanding every year. Patients can avail big savings due to this with the best Costa Rica Dental Prices, but is it really worth it? Let’s find out.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism is rising because patients from America and Canada are increasingly traveling for dental care. In 2017, 85,000 tourists from Canada and USA went to Costa Rica. According to Patients Beyond Borders, 85% of these tourists were dental patients. This trend has only grown in recent years.

Are prices the biggest reason for this trend? Let’s find out.

Prices in Costa Rica vs. the United States

The biggest reason for an increase in Costa Rica dental tourism is definitely the cost. Patients are able to save a lot of money even after you factor in the hotel and flight costs. Saving thousands of dollars on dental care is a huge deal for many patients. Here are the differences in prices that motivate patients to travel for dental care in Costa Rica:

Procedure United States Costa Rica Savings Of
Dental Implant $5,000 $750-$1,000 80%+
Dentures $3,000 $600-$1000 65%+
Porcelain Veneers $1,000 $350-$400 60%+
Full Mouth Reconstruction $45,000-$60,000 $15,000-$24,000 65%+
Crowns $1,100 $260-$400 60%+
Teeth Whitening $650 $330 50%+
Root Canal $1,100 $300-$450 60%+
Fillings $200 $50-$75 60%+

Patients in the United States often don’t have dental insurance added to their plans. Even if they do, it comes with annual limitations and other regulations. This means that patients are able to choose their treatment plans according to comfort and success rate but rather what the insurance company sees fit. Such factors often motivate patients to go for Costa Rica dental tourism.

Other Factors Affecting Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Other than the big savings, there are plenty of other factors that affect the increasing trend. Patients are able to access safe, secure, certified dental clinics through services like Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. Due to the increasing rise in dental tourism, the government also facilitates such tourists and regulates the dental industry properly. All dental clinics have to get approved by the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica. Patients can easily check the website to make sure that the clinic they are going to is certified with the regulating body.

It is also far easier to receive specialist care in Costa Rica. Specialists are so expensive in the United States that patients may go to other subpar dentists. Through Costa Rica dental tourism, they can get expert treatment at affordable costs. There is also nothing better than the scenic views of Costa Rica to recover from dental treatments. Patients find that relaxing on the shimmering Caribbean coastline in the warm sun of Costa Rica can work wonders for them.

Overall, a vacation to Costa Rica and the best affordable dental treatment in the world doesn’t sound like a bad deal to Americans and Canadians.

Costa Rica Dental Prices | Are They Cost-Effective?

Costa Rica dental prices are known to be affordable. But are they cost-effective enough for it to make sense to go on a dental vacation?

The United States and Canada continue to face a growing dental crisis. There are over 35 million Americans with all of their teeth missing, and 1 out of every four adults American has untreated tooth decay. Nearly 50% of Americans show signs of gum disease. Why don’t patients address these dental concerns? Why are patients choosing Costa Rica for dental care? Is it because of Costa Rica dental prices, and if so, is it cost-effective?

Let’s find out now.

Dental Prices in America and Canada

First, let’s address why patients are choosing Costa Rica in the first place. The biggest problem is the lack of good dental coverage. 1 out of every 3 Americans and 32% of Canadians don’t have dental insurance. It gets worse as you analyze it by age and class. Without insurance, patients can barely afford a checkup, let along proper treatment for their dental issues. Patients are definitely unable to afford specialist care and may end up going to subpar clinics that may scam them.

For people with dental coverage, it doesn’t get any better. Dental insurance is provided by private companies, which set all sorts of regulations and limits on your coverage. Patients find that they are met with $1,500 limits and rules on what dental care you can get.

For example, you have missing teeth and want to get a full-mouth restoration. The best option that you can get is dental implants since they are permanent, strong, and act and look like regular teeth. However, dental insurance may not pay for the procedure and force you to go for dentures that are frustrating and irritating to deal with.

Costa Rica Dental Prices

The high prices and lack of accessibility to specialist care encourage patients to seek dental care in other places. Costa Rica dental prices are really enticing to many patients. They can get treatment from some of the best dentists in the world at a fraction of the cost. But is it worth it when you take into account the flight and hotel costs? Definitely!

If you factor in the fight costs to Costa Rica ($650-$850) and costs for one of the best hotels for 7-10 days ($800-$1000), you will still end up saving thousands of dollars. Savings of 50-80% can be a lot for patients.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can help you find a great verified dental clinic within your budget.

Costa Rica Dental Prices Comparative

Let us compare the best dental clinics in Costa Rica for you and find the best Costa Rica Dental Prices

What is the cost savings for dental services in Costa Rica?

Dental Procedure: All-on-Four (Full Mouth Reconstruction)

USA Price: $45,000-$60,000

Costa Rica Dental Prices: $15,000-$24,000

Savings: 65%+

Dental Procedure: Dental Implant

USA Price: $5,000

Costa Rica: $750-$1,000

Savings: 80%+

Dental Procedure: Dentures

USA Price: $3,000

Costa Rica: $600-$1000

Savings: 65%+

Dental Procedure: Porcelain Veneers

USA Price: $1,000

Costa Rica: $350-$400

Savings: 60%+

Dental Procedure: Teeth Whitening

USA Price: $650

Costa Rica: $330

Savings: 50%+

Dental Procedure: Crowns

USA Price: $1,100

Costa Rica: $260-$400

Savings: 60%+

Dental Procedure: Fillings

USA Price: $200

Costa Rica: $50-$75

Savings: 60%+

Dental Procedure: Root Canal

USA Price: $1,100

Costa Rica: $300-$450

Savings: 60%+

Note: Prices are an approximation. Please contact us to get the best possible quotation based on your needs.

Flight from US or Canada: $500-$700

Hotel: (7-10 days) $800-$1000

The prices shown are approximate. The actual price will depend on many factors, including the dentist, procedures, materials used, personal dental health and travel preferences. Other costs may apply, such as medications.

Find the best Costa Rica Dental Prices

Costa Rica Dental Prices