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Cheapest Country for Dental Implants


Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Cheapest Dental Implants in Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers the cheapest dentists to dental tourists. Find out more and plan your trip right away.

Dental implants have recently found popularity as a common dental procedure that many patients opt for. In essence, implants are artificial tooth roots used to support a dental prosthesis. The burgeoning popularity of dental implants can be attributed to the following:

Unfortunately, this popular dental procedure is somewhat expensive, rendering it unaffordable for many citizens of USA and Canada, especially those who do not have dental insurance.

Comparison: Price of Dental Implants

The comparison shows Singapore, USA, UK and Canada as the priciest countries for dental implants with Mexico and Costa Rica and Turkey as the cheapest. 

Cheapest Countries for Dental Implants

Having an average fee of $800, Costa Rica is by far the cheapest choice for dental implants. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you would want to opt for dental implants abroad. 


Affordability is the most common reason behind dental tourism whereby people leave their home countries to avail cheaper dental services abroad.

Costa Rica offers dental services including dental implants that are around 80% cheaper than in America and Canada. This provides huge relief to patients who cannot afford to spend so much on a single dental service.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Costa Rica imports its high-quality equipment all the way from America at cheaper rates. This means that the dental clinics in Costa Rica use the same standard of machinery but at lower prices.

This proves to be a solid deal for tourists who pay cheap air fares and avail affordable dental implants.

USA Qualified Dentists

Majority of the dentists in Costa Rica have received education at top tier schools and universities in USA. This makes them competent and up to par with the US standards of dentistry.


Costa Rica received about 50, 000 dental tourists in 2015 and 80% of these were from USA only! This highlights the staggering importance of Costa Rica as an emerging dental vacation spot.

These huge numbers also provide relief to other tourists that they can also visit Costa Rica for their affordable dental services, especially dental implants.


Costa Rica is in proximity to USA, due to which it is an easier and nearer option for dental tourists. On this account, people argue that Mexico would make a good option too, especially since the cost of dental implants there is just $900.


While Mexico is a popular dental vacation spot, Costa Rica has gained fast popularity as Mexico’s safety remains dubious. The outskirts of this country are not exactly the safest place due to which a lot of tourists have reservations. Colombia is also positioning as an affordable option for dental implants.

Known for Costa Rica Dental Implants

Costa Rica is known all around the world for its affordable yet high-quality dental implants that you will not get elsewhere! When you can get such good prices without compromising on quality, why should you look elsewhere?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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