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Weighing out the Pros and Cons of Costa Rica Dental Tourism


Pros and cons of dental tourism in Costa Rica

Are you confused whether to travel to Costa Rica to avail dental services? Click here to weigh out the pros and cons of dental tourism in Costa Rica.

Dental tourism accounts for nearly half of all medical tourism. With such vast popularity, it must reap enough benefits for huge scores of people to travel all the way from USA and Canada to Costa Rica for dental services.

While dental tourism has gained wildfire popularity, and understandably so, some factors actively hamper people from availing cheaper dental services across borders.

If you are weighing out the pros and cons of traveling to Costa Rica for dental facilities over your summer vacation, this guide will help you make a decision.

Pros of Costa Rica Dental tourism

Top-of-the-line Dental Care

Costa Rica maintains a strict standard of practicing dentistry for continued excellence in dental health. Most dental clinics abide by a stringent sanitary and sterilization guideline regulated by the American Dental Association to guarantee safety of patients.

The high quality dental equipment is imported from America itself, so it is like receiving the same quality dental services at lower prices.  

You get quality dental care equal to or even better than dental services in North America for a fraction of the price!

Economical Rates

The reason why people choose Costa Rica for dental facilities is that it provides first-rate dental services at lower prices.

Since most citizens are unable to afford the skyrocketing prices of dental services like dental implants, root canal, etc, in America and Canada, they prefer to travel across borders rather than delaying their treatment.

Experience Over a Range of Customers

Since Costa Rica earned the title of one of the leading dental vacation spots, it receives large scores of people from all around the world, mainly USA and Canada.

The dentists in Costa Rica are therefore far more experienced in performing a variety of dental procedures on a wide range of patients.

Vacation Spot

Costa Rica is not only known for its dental services but also for its natural beauty. It is an underrated travel destination with gorgeous beaches and forests to offer.

Since most people prefer to live out the term dental vacation, they want a destination where they can get treatment done alongside leisure. With Costa Rica dental tourism guide handling all your essentials, you can avail dental services while perfecting your tan on one of the Caribbean beaches!

Cons of Costa Rica Dental tourism

Language Barrier

Language is a common concern for people traveling abroad to avail dental services. It would be nearly impossible to communicate your concerns to the dentists if you do not understand their language. Fortunately, Costa Rica dentists are completely bilingual, which minimizes the concern of foreign patients, by being able to adequately communicate their needs.

No Continuity of Care

Since you are traveling to Costa Rica for a limited time, your dentist might not guarantee continuity of care, which is often required with a number of dental procedures.

Cost of Traveling

People wonder whether the total cost of traveling to Costa Rica would round up to be the same as availing dental services in their home country.

Making the Right Decision

Widespread globalization means many people now speak English. Since Costa Rica receives so many foreigners, it is customary that dentists there understand and speak fluent English. You can opt for a clinic that offers an arrangement for continued dental care as well.   While the decision largely depends on your personal needs and budget, overall, the pros and cons of dental tourism in Costa Rica advise that a dental vacation to Costa Rica is in order.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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  1. My son needs a full mouth of implants. What is a good estimate of the cost and how much time does it require? Would it involve several trips over months?

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