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Dental Tourism Costa Rica is a guide designed to meet the needs of our users, that’s why we accompany you throughout your dental vacation to Costa Rica. So, you can be sure and feel confident that your trip will be a success and your return home will be with a big smile in your mouth.

This service is optional, but you should know that it includes everything from the recommendation of the hotel, to the pick-up at the airport to take you to the hotel and from the hotel to your dental consultations.

We will be waiting for you at the Juan Santa Maria International Airport holding a post card with your name on it. We’ll then drive you to your hotel and coordinate pickup times for your appointments.

Local contact

We’ll be your local contact when you need anything. From a restaurant recommendation, to an emergency like a lost passport or any other situation.

A large number of patients prefer to take this option only because of the peace of mind it gives them.

In case you have a free time, we can recommend you a trip to visit some of the major touristic destinations in Costa Rica.