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Costa Rica Dental Reviews

On this page you can check out Costa Rica Dental Reviews based on people who have made the decision to live the dental tourism experience in Costa Rica.

In the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide we understand the importance of making the best decision when choosing a dental clinic abroad. We know how stressful it can be to travel to an unknown country to practice a dental treatment, and the many questions that arise: Is it safe? Will it be a good clinic? Will it go well? Will it be worth the trip? In short, many questions to ask before making the decision.

That’s why we want to share Costa Rica Dental Reviews from real people who, just like you, have also made the decision to look for alternatives to the high costs presented by the dental industry in the USA and Canada.

Feel confident to contact us to evacuate any questions or queries or to evaluate concrete Costa Rica Dental Reviews.

And if you have already made the decision to travel to Costa Rica to undergo some dental procedure, let us guide you at no additional cost so that this decision is the most satisfactory, and you can return home with a big smile. Now check on the Costa Rica Dental Reviews

Costa Rica Dental Reviews:

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Dana Thompsom, Washington DC: I have a beautiful smile once again thanks to my referral from the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Diana Jones, Miami Florida: The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide helped me a lot. I was considering several different clinics and didn’t know which one to choose. I found the website through a Google research, I contacted and someone replied minutes later with a recommendation based on my request. My husband and I went with that clinic and the experience was incredible. I never would have found this clinic on my own, so I am so grateful.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Martin Michelle, Portsmouth, Virginia: I was searching for dental clinics abroad and found the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. I filled out a form and literally 10 minutes later I got an email back from their patient coordinator. He sent me three competitive estimates based on my needs from three clinics, and helped me choose the right one. It’s been almost seven months since my full mouth reconstruction.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Louis David, Savannah, Georgia: I was reviewing many dental clinics in Costa Rica and all of them offering professional dental procedures, I did not which one to trust, so I thought there must be a guide that helped me to decide and gave me clinic recommendations, so I found the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. After I contact them, I was replied back almost instantaneously and I explained my dental needs, asked for recommendations of some of the clinics I had picked up and after some hours they helped me to decide for one clinic. I was put in contact with them and I continued the process. I visited Costa Rica late 2018 and my experience was truly good. I was able to visit Arenal Volcano and Jacó Beach. I really had a dental vacations, and best of all, at a fraction of the USA prices.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Ana LaRue, Toronto, Canada: My name is Ana, I live in Canada and I traveled to Costa Rica for implants dental treatment. The clinic recommended for the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide did an exceptional work, is a dream I had for more than 40 years because I was very young when I lost my teeth. I am very satisfied and super happy I can smile again.
Thank you Drs! I recommend you to use the guide and their team 100%.
With much appreciation,

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Leonard Fraser, West Palm Beach, Florida: The clinic that the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide suggested me was extremely talented, skilled and knowledgeable. Dr is also the most kind, considerate and caring dentist you will ever find. I am very grateful that I came to Costa Rica and was able to find her. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She performed an All On 6 with zirconium ceramic teeth. I could not have hoped for a better result.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: James Frosch, Naples, Florida: I followed the guide recommendations and at the clinic I choose the staff were extremely pleasant and friendly. The environment was calm and stress free. Honestly the best dentist appointment I have ever experienced, I recommend traveling to Costa Rica for dental procedures.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Chip Namas, Norfolk, Virginia: I had a great experience at the dentist office beginning with the friendly staff. My teeth cleaning and examination went really well, the dentist was very professional. I have recommended this clinic to my friends and family, thanks to the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide for their gentle guidance.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Glen Hamel, Miami, Florida: The Costa Rica Dental Tourism staff is very friendly and helpful. They helped me to choose the right dental clinic in Costa Rica. Doctors take their time to answer all questions and the best part is there is no waiting around. I traveled to Costa Rica June, 2018 and once I passed control and got out the airport, a person was waiting for me to take me to hotel. Everything was as expected.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Steven Anderson, Miami, Florida: I was very scared in the beginning to go to a dentist abroad. I made an exhaust research and I found many clinics, I was confused and nervous on which one to choose, then I found the Costa Rica dental tourism guide, and their staff guided me through the process to pick up the right clinic. When I was to Costa Rica, the whole staff and the doctors took great care and took one step at a time to complete everything. I am glad I found the guide.

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Logan Dixon, Orlando, Florida: Professionalism, patient, considerate, concerned, prompt, and overall good atmosphere. Usually people have a trying experience. But here it is a relaxing experience where you don’t concentrate on your pain. This is how it is from the time you come with the receptionist area until you leave. Modern technology is awesome with your choice of music, chair massager, etc. I am very glad I found the Costa Rica dental tourism guide and I found the clinic they suggested. It was THE EXPERIENCE!

Costa Rica Dental Review by: Felicia Harrison, Portsmouth, Virginia: I was contacted by email. I did not be confident traveling abroad for dental procedures. I took the decision based on the guide recommendations and I am very happy I followed their suggestions. Thanks dear team.

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