We take into consideration the following points: Specialty, Pricing, Personality, Language, Previous experiences, Availability, Location and Transportation to the clinic.

Why Use Dental Tourism Costa Rica Guide?

Dental Tourism Costa Rica Guide offers a directory of over 100 leading dentists, dental specialists and dental surgeons. We are constantly improving our guide to give our clients the best service. You can be sure and confident that the dental clinic that we find for you have been proved for many other USA and Canada patients before you.

FAQ About Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

1. Are there quality dentists and dental clinics in Costa Rica?
Yes! Dental clinics in Costa Rica are ranked number one in Latin America and even exceed the quality of many similar dental clinics in the United States and Canada.

2. Why are dental costs lower in Costa Rica than in the United States.
Dental costs are frequently lower in Costa Rica than in many other countries because the cost of operation is lower. For example; the cost of real estate and the cost of labor are lower in Costa Rica, and that savings is passed on to the dental patient.

3. Are the quality of dental materials lower in Costa Rica than in other countries?
No. the qualified Dental Clinics featured in the Dental Tourism Guide utilize state-of-the-art medical equipment and procedures to ensure that patients have a safe and comfortable dental experience. Many of the dentists in Costa Rica actually exceed the standards required in the United States both in technology and materials.

4. What sort of cost savings can be expected when becoming a Costa Rica dental tourist?
In many cases, dental patients save from 50 to 70 percent on routine and cosmetic dental procedures performed by a Costa Rica dentist. In many cases these dentists accept your dental insurance and a variety of payment forms, including cash and credit cards.

5. Will anyone speak English to answer my questions while visiting a Costa Rican dentist?
Yes. You will have a bilingual concierge to guide you through the entire process, and you can speak English with the dental staff and the dentist as well.

Costa Rica Dental Prices

Dental prices in Costa Rica compare well to those in both the United States and Canada if you are on a journey to save money. For many of the standard procedures, dental prices are 50 to 70 percent lower than at home.

Keep in mind that recent x-rays and your own individual dental condition can affect the pricing.

Please check on the Costa Rica Dental Procedures you can receive in Costa Rica Dental Clinics and contact us for a quote.

Why to Choose Costa Rica Dental Tourism?

There are several common reasons to choose Costa Rica dental tourism. This includes the obvious cost savings when compared to the same dental procedures in countries like the United States and Canada. Many people choose a Costa Rican dentist because their own country does not have the same quality of dental services as are available in Costa Rica.

  • The Cost of Dental Care

With a cost savings of up to 70%, dental care in Costa Rica can be quite a bargain even when airfare, travel time and the cost of lodging.

  • Quality Dental Procedures on Your Schedule

Visiting a dentist in Costa Rica might be the best way to resolve dental problems without worrying about visiting an expensive dentist over and over without the satisfaction of a beautiful and pain-free smile.

  • Costa Rica Dental Vacations

The best part of becoming a Costa Rica dental tourist is that all of that dreaded dental work can be combined with a spectacular Costa Rican Trip.