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Are Dental Prices in Costa Rica Better?


Dental Prices in Costa Rica

Visits to the dentist are important, which is why patients from US and Canada prefer the dental prices in Costa Rica.

Dental problems are more common than people deem them to be. They can have a huge impact on your nutritional and bacterial intake. Improper diets and harmful bacteria can create a deadly combination resulting in diseases like cardio issues, cancer, diabetes, ulcers, and many others. It is important to address these issues at once, but the patients in both the USA and Canada are unable to do it due to the high costs of dental treatment. This is why more and more patients are using The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide for low dental prices in Costa Rica.

What Are the Dental Prices in Costa Rica Like?

Costa Rica is known for its expert dental industry since they have high standards and regulations and high-quality dentists. The region encourages good quality dental care since it attracts a lot of dental tourism into the country. This is enhanced by the high standard accreditation centers and officials who ensure that dental clinics are up to the mark. Incoming equipment and technology from the US are also regulated in case they violate local codes.

With such high-quality care, patients would expect high prices. However, the United States and Canada have inflated prices that don’t reflect the services being provided. Local dental prices in Costa Rica are often 60-85% less than that of United States since the industry is well-regulated to encourage tourism.

Pay just a fraction of the USA dental prices

Hotels in Costa Rica cost $800-$1000 for a 7-10 day stay and flights round up to $650-$850 approximately. Despite these added costs, the difference in dental prices in Costa Rica and the United States are enough to save you a lot of money on dental procedures.

Dental prices in Costa Rica for a full mouth restoration are 65% less than the US. In the US, the cost is $45,000-$60,000, while in Costa Rica it will only cost you $15,000-$24,000. This means that you can get a full smile makeover at a third of the cost. Similarly, dental implants in the US can cost up to $5,000, while the dental prices in Costa Rica for implants are just $750-$1,000. This is a huge saving of nearly 80%.

Even if you factor in the hotel and travel costs, it will still cost you a lot less than a dental procedure in the US. The dental care given in Costa Rica is also of a high standard since they employ specialists to handle each issue with expertise. Such high-quality dental costs aren’t available in the United States unless you are ready to empty your bank account.

Costa Rica is also a beautiful country, where you can relax on gorgeous beaches and explore national parks. Dental vacations with The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide are common in the region due to low dental prices and expert care, which allows you some physical and mental ease.

For a new smile and an unforgettable trip to paradise, let us help you find a dentist in Costa Rica.

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