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Choosing a Dental Clinic in Costa Rica vs. México

dental tourism costa rica vs mexico

Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Now that Dental Tourism has become common, you can travel to avail affordable dental services. If you are stuck, find out the best dental care option between Costa Rica and Mexico and discover why you would go for a Dental Clinic in Costa Rica.

With skyrocketing dental care costs in The United States, people are actively looking for options outside of the country. Due to the image of dental care in Latin America, Mexico gained popularity as a common dental care destination. While the costs are alleviated, tourists often fall prey to unscrupulous dental clinics that mint money from visitors.

This awareness has led people to discover another country that has a sound reputation for dental care services. With significantly lower prices, people are now looking for dental clinics in Cost Rica for quality dental hygiene.

In order to make an informed choice, you need to be aware of the differences between the two countries as top dental service destinations.

Are Dental Services in Mexico Worth the Trip?

The sound of going to Mexico to visit a dentist does not sound all that appealing. Mexico’s safety situation is dubious, so chances are, you might not be able to visit good dentists who sit near the border to avoid drug cartel violence.

This naturally puts you at a disadvantage. However, while it is true that Mexico can be dangerous in some parts, by and large, it is safe. Nuevo Progreso in Mexico is secure and you have an option of 300 dental offices in this small village alone!

Dentists in Mexico charge a mere 10% to 20% of what dentists in USA charge you, so you save up a lot as well. This explains why people tend to drive all the way to Mexico for dental services. However, this poses a big question mark on the quality of these services.

Some dentists in Mexico perform dental procedures they are not trained to carry out. Albeit rare, this makes dental care services more of a ‘hit and miss’ in Mexico.


  • Affordable Dentistry
  • Easy to book appointment
  • Quicker Service


  • Travel distance
  • Questionable Quality of Services
  • Language barrier
  • You may encounter an unqualified dentist
  • Dentists in Mexico do not need continuing education to practice

The Emerging Dental Destination for Tourists: Costa Rica

Since Dental tourism has become popular, people are moving towards other countries to evade the high prices of dental care in USA. One of the emerging destinations is Costa Rica, a harmonious little country in Central America.

In recent years, Costa Rica has gained immense popularity as a dental care destination for tourists. With significantly lower prices than USA, Costa Rica boasts of affordability and quality services. Dental tourism has become a common practice in Costa Rica, with dental tourists acquiring 40% of the total share of medical visitors!

This is no surprise as Costa Rica has a host of professionally educated and trained dentists that offer excellent dental services in economical rates.


  • Affordable prices
  • High quality services
  • Fluency in English
  • Specialist treatment
  • Good quality materials imported from America at reasonable rates


  • Travel distance

Dental Services in Costa Rica

It is evident that Costa Rica trumps Mexico as a leading dental tourism destination. You can look for a high quality dental clinic in Costa Rica and stat planning your visit. While you wait for the treatment, soak up the sun at one of the gorgeous Caribbean beaches!

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Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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