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Common Costa Rica Dental Tourism Queries That Our Patients Ask

common Costa Rica dental tourism queries

Common Queries from Dental Tourists in Costa Rica

Dental tourists have various concerns and questions. Here are the most common Costa Rica dental tourism queries that our patients ask us, along with their answers.

Planning to go abroad for dental tourism can be pretty overwhelming for a lot of people. Many are concerned about the quality of dental work, choosing the right dental clinic, the time duration required, and many more related questions.

We understand it is tricky for a foreign citizen to decide on the best dental clinic and dentist for their treatment. Therefore, we have initiated The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide to help foreign patients in making all the necessary arrangements for their dental vacation in Costa Rica.

Here are the most common Costa Rica dental tourism queries that our patients ask us.

  • How Can I Know Which Is the Best Dental Clinic out There for Me in Costa Rica?

The first and foremost question our patients ask is that since there are numerous dental clinics in Costa Rica, how they can choose the best dental clinic for them.

The best dental clinic for you would be the one that has specialization in your required treatment. Other than this, you should check the experiences of other foreign patients. It will include the staff’s language proficiency, quality of the treatment, the ambience of the clinic, and the professionalism of the dentists.

The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can do all this work for you. Just fill a simple 1-min survey about your required treatment and the guide will shortlist the best possible dental clinics options available.

  • What Will Be the Charges of My Dental Treatment?

Usually, dental treatment prices are not fixed. Patients are initially given an approximate estimate about the treatment; however, final charges are mentioned only after the treatment ends. This is because dental processes vary from one patient to another. A patient may require multiple surgeries and follow-ups whereas; another patient might not. This becomes a major concern for our patients while planning a dental vacation.

To avoid the uncertainty of the final price, our suggested dental clinics ask for X-rays and other teeth reports beforehand. The Costa Rica dentists study those reports thoroughly and then tell a fixed piece of the treatment. Thus, our patients know their final price before flying to Costa Rica.

  • What Can I Eat After My Dental Treatment?

Maintaining a proper diet can help in restoring and quick healing. Among the common Costa Rica dental tourism queries our patients ask what they can eat and what lifestyle changes they should incorporate in their lives after the treatment. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide is here to rescue you in this problem as well.

We recommend dental clinics that have nutritional counseling as well. Your dentist in Costa Rica will guide you about the foods that you should eat and/or avoid during the first three weeks of your treatment. You can also ask them the food that you should include in your diet to keep your teeth healthy and strong. The dentist may also suggest some lifestyle changes. For example, your dentist can advise you to drink fluoride-based water to prevent tooth cavities.

  • How Can I Make Air Flight and Transportation Arrangements?

The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide helps its patients in booking flights, and also recommends the best, lavish, and affordable hotels. Most of our recommended dental clinics offer transportation services from the hotel to the clinic on the appointment day.

Thus, the guide understands your major concerns and works to make proper arrangements for it. If you have any other questions, you can call us at (888) 275-8924.

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