The Complete Guide for Dental Treatment Abroad

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February 21, 2019
Finding the Best Dental Treatment Abroad
March 11, 2019

Dental Treatment Abroad

The Complete Guide for Dental Treatment Abroad

Seeking dental treatment abroad can be intimidating, but by following this guide you can address all your dental care issues without any worry.

Patients in the US and Canada often find themselves neglecting their dental care due to the high prices in the region. However, this can lead to everyday problems such as difficulties in chewing, speaking issues, bone loss, sunken facial structure, muscle pain, and many more. Dental treatment abroad has been one of the best solutions available for patients in the US and Canada since they are able to get expert care at a fraction of the cost. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can help guide you on how to seek great dental clinics.

Getting Dental Treatment Abroad

We can address most of the questions you may have about seeking dental treatment abroad.

How do I get in touch with a verified dental clinic?

One of the first issues patients may have is connecting to renowned dental clinics in the region of their choosing. They may not be aware of certified dentists and verified clinics. This problem can be solved easily with The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. They can help you get an appointment with the best Costa Rica dentists in the region so that you receive expert care in an efficient manner.

Is it cost-effective to get dental treatment abroad?

The second issue is the price of dental care. One of the main reasons why people seek dental treatment abroad is the difference in price. In the US, a single dental implant can cost you around $5,000. This money can be used to fly out to another country and get the procedure done at a fraction of the cost. We recommend using the money to get dental treatment in Costa Rica.

Flights to Costa Rica cost around $350 – $850 from the US and Canada and a hotel for 7-10 days can cost $800 – $1000. Factor that in with the low cost of $750-$1000 for a dental implant and you still end up saving a lot of money while enjoying of the best Costa Rica Dentist Prices. You also get to visit one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world with this option. The lower cost of care is one of their most attractive qualities since you can get dental care from specialists while saving a lot of money.

Are dental procedures in Costa Rica safe?

A lot of people may not consider it safe to get dental treatments abroad. However, Costa Rica has one of the largest dental tourism industries in the world because of its renowned dental care system. They have a high standard of dental care in the region since it plays a crucial role in their economy. The dental clinics in the region usually import their equipment and technology from the US as well since it is cheaper to get from a nearby location.

Dentists in Costa Rica are also some of the best in the world, especially those verified by The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. If you have any other questions, click here to find out more about dental treatment abroad or email us at

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Is Getting Dental Treatment Abroad a Good Idea?

The high prices for subpar dental care in the United States and Canada have forced patients to seek dental treatment elsewhere. The prices in these regions are so high that it is simply cheaper to fly out to other countries for high-quality dental care. Dental Patients used to be scared to go for dental treatment abroad due to myths about unsafe environments. However, now many websites like The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide have cropped up, ensuring safe, reliable, expert dental care treatment for foreign patients.

Why Is Dental Treatment Abroad Popular?

Patients in the US and Canada have begun to realize that even if they break the bank and seek dental treatment in their own countries, it simply isn’t good enough.

The Cost Difference

For the hefty price of $5,000, a US patient can get a single dental implant from a subpar dental clinic. However, if you choose to get dental treatment abroad in Costa Rica, you can get much more for your buck since one dental implant only costs around $750-$1,000. You will end up saving $2,550 despite the travel and hotel costs for a 7-10 day stay, as well as receive some of the best dental care in the world.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Specialized Dental Equipment

Dental clinics which are verified by The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide bring in their equipment from the United States. This ensures that any procedure you go through is safe and as painless as possible. It also means that dental care will be efficient and long-lasting. For example, when expertly placed, dental implants can last for 30 years and have enough support to chew through any food. This means that patients don’t have to keep investing in dental care over and over again. Problems with missing teeth like digestion issues, nutritional levels or troubling biting and chewing are also eliminated through this level of care.

Experience in Customer Care

Dentists in the region have trained from some of the best schools in the world and speak fluent English. They deal with hundreds of foreign patients a week, which is why they have become really comfortable dealing with these clients. The dental care in Costa Rica is flourishing due to the professionalism exhibited by the dental clinics in the region.

The High Level of Care

For most patients, it isn’t even about the price as it is getting the high standard of care by choosing dental treatment abroad. Costa Rica’s dental tourism industry has been flourishing due to the high standard set in place by the government. The country realizes that high-quality care coupled with low prices can cause their country’s tourism to rise. This is why they have pooled in their resources to ensure foreign patients experience comfortable, safe, specialized dental treatment.

For a great smile, and an unforgettable trip to paradise… Get your Free Dental Estimate Treatment Plan today!

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