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Costa Rica Dental Travel


Why It Works for Medical Tourism

Medical travelers who seek dental care outside their national borders have a single thought in mind: money. In the US, UK, and many European countries, dental care is expensive, especially if extensive reconstructive or cosmetic work is required. In the US, only the most rudimentary dental care is covered by health insurance plans, which is why more than 150 million Americans are without dental coverage, despite the many reforms to our healthcare systems.

As we age, our flesh outlives our teeth, often calling for extensive reconstructive or restorative procedures costing tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, savings is a real factor for a global population living 10-30 years longer than its parents. The traveling dental patient need not sacrifice quality to save money. Highly competent dentists who attended respected schools of dentistry and are certified by boards in Western countries often work “just across the border,” providing excellent services for a fraction of the cost. For people who can easily cross a national boundary, the choice is a no-brainer.

Dentistry also attracts what might be termed the “incidental traveler.” Patients who take a vacation in a dental destination country may find that they can work some affordable dental care into their holiday plans. Business travelers whose work takes them overseas may arrange for dental care while on a business trip—saving on both oral treatment and travel costs.

In Costa Rica the specialists are high quality, recognized dental implantologists. All specialists had extensive experience with major implant cases for international patients including full mouth rehabilitations and bone grafting cases. In Costa Rica most dental specialists speak English. This is a concern for patients that require English-language communications.

Costa Rica remains the best choice for patients seeking the best prices for high-quality, affordable dental implants from English-speaking dentists.

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