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Dental Clinics in Costa Rica Are the Best for Dental Implants | Dental Tourism in Costa Rica


Dental Clinics in Costa Rica Are the Best for Dental Implants | Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dental tourism in Costa Rica continues to flourish as more and more patients come in for dental implants. Missing teeth can be a huge nuisance to deal with since they can have a negative impact on your eating and speaking functions. Patients from the US and Canada still find themselves compromising on dental care due to the high dental prices. This can have a devastating impact on their oral health and quality of life. Dental tourism in Costa Rica allows patients to receive some of the best dental care at affordable prices.

Why Choose Dental Tourism in Costa Rica for Implants?

dental-tourism-in-costa-ricaDental implants are a complex procedure since it literally acts as a substitute for your actual teeth from the root up. The implant uses a thin wire of titanium to hold down the dental implant to the jaw so that you can eat and speak with ease. They are very hard and strong substitutes, so they act just like normal teeth. They also look indistinguishable from other teeth. They can last for up to 30 years if you get them experts that are part of the dental tourism in Costa Rica.

Since dental implants are the most effective solution for missing teeth, a lot of patients want them to reduce problems that come from missing teeth. In the US, this led to an abnormal hike in the prices for dental implants. Patients were forced to go for cheap dentures that promote tooth decay and can even slip out. With dental tourism in Costa Rica, patients are now able to get dental implants for an even cheaper price than patients get dentures in America for.

Dental implants in the USA cost $5000, while dentures cost an easy $3000. Dental implants in Costa Rica only cost $750 to $1000, which almost an 80% difference. They are even cheaper than the price of dentures in the USA, which is why a lot of patients prefer to use dental tourism in Costa Rica to deal with missing teeth. Even if you go for dentures, it can cost 65% less since dentures in Costa Rica only cost $600 to $1000.

The level of dental care in Costa Rica is similar than the US. They have some of the best facilities for dental care since it is a flourishing industry and dentists study from some of the best schools. This means that even though the cost remains affordable, you can still use the best dental facilities in the world. There is now no reason to compromise on great healthcare.

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