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Dental Implants in Costa Rica to Replace Lost Teeth | Dental Tourism


Dental Implants in Costa Rica to Replace Lost Teeth | Dental Tourism

Missing teeth can cause all sorts of problems for the patient. They can become a source of anxiety as the gaps in the smile can make people self-conscious. It may even cause problems while eating and speaking which can be really frustrating or irritating. Missing teeth also makes people far more vulnerable to gum disease. Dental Tourism provides access to dental implants in Costa Rica, which are an affordable option for many US and Canada patients.

What Are Dental Implants in Costa Rica For?

Dental implants in Costa Rica actually restore the missing tooth or teeth from the root up. It replicates the missing root structure using a tiny titanium post, which gives the new replacement tooth a great support. They don’t become loose after some time like dentures often do. Unlike crowns and bridges, the dental implant is designed to maintain its shape and strength over time. It can replace any number of teeth, which last for 30 years. This means this is a one-time surgery that will set you for life.

They are virtually indistinguishable from normal teeth which allow the smile to look really natural. This can boost your confidence and allow you to feel more comfortable with yourself. They are also very strong so that means you can eat anything you want without fearing the teeth breaking or falling out. This is why dental implants in Costa Rica are one of the most popular dental procedures.

How Much Do Dental Implants in Costa Rica Cost?

There is a significant 70% difference in the prices of dental implants in Costa Rica and the United States. In the US, dental implants can cost a huge price of $5,000. Dental implants in Costa Rica cost around $750 to $1,000 which really affordable for a lot of patients.

It is important to note that the affordable price doesn’t mean the dental implants have low quality. Dental Tourism has a list of verified dental clinics that have highly trained dentists. They use state of the art technology that is often imported from the US itself. They are comfortable dealing with international patients since Costa Rica has the highest rates of dental tourism.

This means that you no longer have to give up on dental care just due to the high costs. The dental implants in Costa Rica can get rid of your problems.

The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can help you to find the best dentists in Costa Rica.

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