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These days, losing a tooth is like catching flu, it is that common. Whether the loss is due to a decay, periodontal disease or injury, the pain, and effect are always negative.

As small as a tooth is, its loss can have so much effect on your life. If you have lost a tooth, you will be familiar with these effects. Losing a tooth can:

  • Put the other teeth at risk
  • Limit your food choices
  • Give you a headache
  • Change your speech
  • Affect your confidence and self-esteem. It makes your smile incomplete.

These are reasons why when a tooth falls; the next step is to find a replacement. In the past, dental bridges and dentures were the only options available, despite the inconvenience (having to remove it and deal with messy adhesives) associated with it. But today, dental care has advanced enough to offer Dental Implants in Costa Rica.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a replacement for a lost tooth that matches natural teeth. It is extremely strong and can last a long time with proper care. A dental implant in Costa Rica is a great option because it…

  • Improves oral health
  • Maintains and preserves the jawbone
  • Improves your appearance, by making you look younger and giving you the confidence to wear a dazzling smile anytime
  • Eases eating
  • Eliminates the embarrassment of removing dentures. It is very convenient
  • Lasts a long time. It is durable.

What are the parts of a Dental implant?

A dental implant is made up of three (3) parts.

  • Dental implant or Fixture
    • This is embedded below the gum line, infused with the jawbone. It is made of Titanium (designed in the shape of a cylindrical screw), coated with hydroxyapatite (this assists with the fusion process). The average price of a dental implant in Costa Rica varies from $700.00 to $1000.00 when you choose Costa Rica Dental Tourism.
  • Abutment
    • This is the small portion, right around the gum line. After the fusion process, the abutment is screwed into the fixture, to hold the dental work firmly in place. The cost of the abutment ranges from $200.00 to $300.00 in Costa Rica dental clinics.
  • Restoration
    • This is the finishing of the implant. It is cemented or screwed into the abutment. It is either a crown, bridge or dental implant supported denture that covers the dental implant underneath. With the restoration in place, your new teeth become visible.

Costa Rica Dental implant with a crown

A crown is a replacement tooth that is custom made to match your natural teeth. The crown is the restoration part of the dental implant; it is cemented or screwed into the abutment.

Are you wondering if you can get a Dental implant? Yes, you can, as long as you have healthy gum and you are fit for an oral surgery or dental extraction.

Where to get dental implants in Costa Rica?

Dental implants are done in many places, but for you, Costa Rica is a great option. I make this recommendation for reasons I am sure will impress you. First, according to Euromonitor, 90% of plastic surgery and dentistry work done in Costa Rica dental clinics are performed on foreigners like you. So, you are not the only one to go through this from the US or even Canada, the Costa Rica Dental Clinics are well-equipped to do a perfect dental work.

More so, the amount of money you will save if you choose Costa Rica Dental Tourism will blow your mind. In the US, a Dental implant costs about $5,000 while in Costa Rica, at $750 to $1,000 you can get it done, saving as much as 80% cash. Crowns which cost $1,100 in the US costs between $260 and $400 in Costa Rica, which means you save 60%.

When it comes to options for dental implants, the multiple teeth, and full-mouth restoration are the most frequent.

The multiple teeth are easy to accommodate, irrespective of whether they are lined-up together or randomly missing throughout the set of teeth. They are given individual crown or a fixed bridge, but it always looks natural.

The full mouth restoration or full arch dental implant is the replacement of all teeth with an implant. It can be all upper teeth or lower teeth or even both. It is as comfortable as replacing a single tooth.

Dental implants mean you no longer have to hide a smile cover your mouth or have low-esteem because of a lost tooth. Choosing the Costa Rican option and live the Costa Rica Dental Tourism experience doesn’t only mean saving so much money, it also means having an awesome vacation (Costa Rica is a beautiful country) during your stay. Plus, it is close to the US and Canada. With daily non-stop flights and no need for a visa, what more can you ask for?

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