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Infographic – Costa Rica Dental Tourism Explained!


Why Costa Rica Dental Tourism?

Answering this question has many implications, since there is a series of elements that intervene so that a dental patient makes the decision to travel abroad to practice a dental procedure.

Among the most discussed in the different testimonials that refer patients who have gone ahead and experienced this adventure are:

  • The fact of finding experts in dental surgery
  • Dental laboratories and clinics with the latest technology
  • and perhaps the most important: Affordable Dental Prices.

But it does not stop there, because dental holidays are the order of the day, and many Costa Rica Dental Patients once they are in the country they can also enjoy the different tourist options offered while they gain some time for the next dental procedure.

Knowing Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, a country rich in flora and fauna where year after year despite having only 4 million inhabitants, it is visited by 2 million foreigners, mostly North Americans and Europeans, who come captivated by the great attractions … And in Costa Rica, with its scarce 52 thousand square kilometers of land, it is home to 4% of the world’s biodiversity, a country bordering the two oceans, which can be covered in car in less than 10 hours from side to side.

As you hear it … In Costa Rica you can see the sunrise on the Caribbean coast, and watch the sunset in the Pacific.

Specialized Country

It is not for nothing that so many tourists come to Costa Rica, every day, but there is much more … Costa Rica is a country that has specialized to compete in technology, occupying one of the first places in all of Latin America.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

The tourist specialty has led the Costa Ricans to specialize and that is why dental tourism has emerged in the last 10 years.

In 2017, Costa Rica received nearly 50,000 patients, mostly from the USA, who spent $ 500 million dollars during their stay.

Despite the emergence of new competitors that begin to venture into America in Dental Tourism, Costa Rica Dental Tourism remains well positioned as a leader in the market thanks to the quality of its services and the Affordable Costa Rica Dental Prices , as well as the ease of communication, since the second language spoken in Costa Rica is English.

Speaking of numbers

On average a dental tourist spends about 7000 USD individually, without considering the expenses of their companions, and without putting the costs related to recreational activities such as tourism.

According to data reported by PROMED , this figure would be doubled, with dental patients from the USA the most adventurous. dental tourism in Costa Rica.

If you are interested in travel to Costa Rica to practice Dental procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us… We will point you through the right direction.


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