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Maintaining Dental Health in Costa Rica: Relationship between Tooth Decay and Cancer

Dental Health in Costa Rica

Relationship between Tooth Decay and Cancer

Maintaining your Dental Health in Costa Rica can help to prevent illnesses and diseases. Even common issues like tooth decay can cause cancer. Find out more about it now!

A new study from Finland found a link between the development of certain cancers and a common dental issue like gum disease. Oral health is vastly more important than people often give it credit for. Even common issues like Periodontitis, which is the inflammation of the tissue around the gums, can lead to cancer. This is why it is important to seek dental health in Costa Rica through The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide.

Why is Dental Health in Costa Rica Important?

Periodontitis can begin to attack the jaw bone in the mouth which is responsible for holding the teeth in place. This can weaken the teeth and digestive system, allowing more and more harmful bacteria to pass through.

According to the CDC, almost 50% of middle-aged adults in the US have some form of Periodontitis. This may be due to low focus on dental health in the region, as well as high dental costs. Almost half of Americans also don’t have dental insurance. This means that they are unable to rely on insurance plans when they face a dental emergency, and also can’t keep up regular dental checkups to increase overall dental health.

Neglecting Periodontitis due to lack of dental insurance and high costs can actually have adverse effects on your dental health. Harmful oral bacteria can actually enter the digestive system causing a lot of damage. One study found that the bacteria associated with dental problems also increase the risk of certain types of cancers exponentially.

Enzymes can also affect the increased risk of cancers in the body. The Td-CTLP enzyme is commonly found in the mouth and often boosts gum disease. This enzyme can also activate other enzymes like pro-MMP-9 which allow cancer cells to encroach on other healthy cells. The enzyme Td-CTLP also impairs the response time of the immune system, which can increase the rate at which cancers spread.

This is why maintaining dental health in Costa Rica is so important for all individuals. It has such a huge impact on our physical health that we simply can ignore the issue.

Why Choose Dental Health in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica continues to emerge as one of the best destinations for dental vacations for a reason. The dental care in the region has really high standards due to the local codes set by the government. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide has ensured that patients will definitely get reputable verified dental clinics. These clinics have highly trained dental teams working for them that can help you. They will use the best technology to ensure that your dental health is in optimum condition.

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