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Shifting Trends in Favor of Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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Choosing Costa Rica Dental Tourism

There is a growing rise in patients that are choosing Costa Rica Dental Tourism. The steady boom in dental and cosmetic care has led to the expansion of the dental industry, as well. With easy to use services like The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, the number of dental tourists has expanded exponentially.

This may be due to many reasons that we will explore today.

Why is Dental Tourism Common?

The United States and Canada have faced an explosion in the cost of dental care. The region has a high cost of living, which has resulted in it being costly to run a clinic. Dental schools in the region also cost a lot, and with increasing student loans, dentists continue to increase their prices. When you factor in all of these costs, it’s easy to see why the price of dental care in the US and Canada have skyrocketed in the past few years.

The same is not the case for Costa Rica Dental Tourism. They have affordable dental treatment because the cost of living is low there. The government also regulates the prices of the region to facilitate dental tourism.

Another thing that keeps costs high for patients in America is the lack of dental insurance. Only around 50% of people have dental insurance, which means that a lot of people have to pay out of pocket for procedures. People who do have dental insurance are met with $1,500 limitations per year, which is barely enough to cover even the price of a veneer insertion. This means that people simply can’t afford to get dental care. As a result, these people then tend to neglect their dental care needs; they don’t see their dentists, and they don’t proactively get treatments done.

Many problems can emerge if people continue to neglect their dental care needs. Missing teeth can cause problems of self-esteem as well as issues with eating and speaking. Elderly patients can face even more issues, such as bone loss and sunken facial structures. This can increase the risk of other diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart problems as well.

All of these things have encouraged people to choose Costa Rica Dentists.

Why Choose Costa Rica Dental Vacations?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism has become one of the most popular dental destinations in the world due to a number of reasons. The cost of dental procedures in the region is so low that even with airfare and hotel costs, you will still end up saving thousands of dollars.

For example, one dental implant in America costs $5,000. Add the costs of the dental implant in Costa Rica ($750-$1,000), airfare from Canada or the US ($650-$850), and hotel costs for 7-10 days ($800-$1,000). You will be spending around $2,200-$2,850. This means that you get to go on vacation to the most beautiful tourist destination in the world as well as get your dental care and you will still end up saving $2,150-$2,800. How amazing is that?

This is why there is an increasing rise in Costa Rica Dental Tourism.

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