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Gail Mitchell

After making the decision to have my smile completely restore, I went to a Dr. in the US where I live. I was given a quote which I fell was outrageous as well as the plan its self. He wanted to pull more teeth; ones I did not feel needed to be pulled. I had know about Dental & Medical work in Costa Rica being excellent & decided to combine a vacation along with my dental visits. I sent my x-rays to a few clinics to see what plan they suggested. After receiving different plans quotes, I decided on Sonria Dental Boutique. The reason was their professionalism showed in the extensive & thoroughly explained treatment plan. They were in constant communication and quickly answered any and all questions and concerns. They even called me to personally discuss things. A major difference is the quality of materials they use, only the best, and not inferior implants and crowns materials. Upon arriving, they arranged my airport transport and all transport to and from my appointments. I was very nervous as I was having 6 implants, crowns, bone graft and sinus lift, and really didn’t know what to expect.

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