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Treatments for Missing Teeth. Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

dental tourism in costa rica

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Treatments for Missing Teeth | Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Missing teeth can create a lot of issues if it isn’t treated at once. Dental tourism in Costa Rica can help you get your teeth fixed.

Missing teeth is the hardest oral problem in old age. It can cause problems with self-esteem, as well as with speaking and eating. A lot of dental patients in the US and Canada neglect this dental issue due to the high costs involved with treating the missing teeth. However, with the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, you can actually treat the problem at affordable prices. Dental tourism in Costa Rica is the best solution for missing teeth.

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica Offers Solutions

There are many different types of solutions for missing teeth if you choose dental tourism in Costa Rica. These come at vastly cheaper costs than dental procedures in the US and Canada.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best answer to missing teeth problems. They can last up to 30 years and feel like natural teeth. They are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Dental implants in the US cost up to $5000, which can put a huge strain on your pocket. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide offers the same expert service anywhere between $750 and$1000.


Dentures are used by older adults when they have a lot of teeth missing. These are customized replacements for missing teeth, which makes them look more natural. They are easily removable so that you can take them out when you don’t need them. Dentures can also be cleaned very easily by placing them in a cleaning solution overnight. This makes them sanitary and hygienic to use the next day. Dentures in the US can cost up to $3000, while taking dental tourism in Costa Rica can help you find dentures costing between $600 and $1000.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns in the US can cost up to $1000, while in Costa Rica they cost only $260-$400, resulting in 60% savings. A dental crown comes in the shape of teeth that protect a partially damaged or broken tooth. This prevents further damage to the tooth, as well as improves the overall look of the tooth. Bridges are installed when there is a tooth on either side of a missing tooth. These are easy solutions to address the missing teeth. Dentists may file down the teeth so that the teeth can be connected properly. Crowns and bridges use the support from other teeth to ensure that the new tooth replacement doesn’t fall out at all.

Why Choose Dental Tourism in Costa Rica?

Dental tourism in Costa Rica has become really popular over the years for American and Canadian dental patients since it offers expert dental treatment at affordable prices. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide analyzes your dental issues and budget. They make appointments for you with verified and reliable dental clinics based on these factors. This ensures that you receive the best care possible with your budget. Dental tourism in Costa Rica also offers the opportunity to relax in some of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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