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Types of Dental Specialists in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dental Specialists

Dental specialists in Costa Rica

Dental specialists in Costa Rica can ensure efficient and effective dental care. There are different types of specialist care that you can get at affordable dental prices.

Dental clinics in Costa Rica offer a wide variety of services all the way from dental implants to veneer installation. It doesn’t matter if you are going for cosmetic dentistry or a root canal, you will be able to find dental specialists in Costa Rica for the procedure. Dental clinics are often run by specialists of every kind so that patients can get expert treatment for whichever treatment they want.

Types of Dental Specialists in Costa Rica

Here are some of the most common dental specialists in Costa Rica that you will find in clinics.

  • Implantologists

To efficiently and effectively administer dental implants, you will need to get in touch with Implantologists. Missing teeth can put a high strain on your eating and speaking ability. If you ignore even one missing tooth, you may end up losing more over time.

Implantologists can help you solve the problem by replacing the tooth from the root. Implants resemble regular teeth in looks and functioning. They last up to 30 years if you get them from a specialist since they will be able to install them properly.

  • Prosthodontists

If you need oral prosthetics for procedures like damaged, decaying, or missing teeth, you will be looked after by Prosthodontists. They develop suitable veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants for patients. These prosthetics help you while eating and speaking, as well as improve your smile. They can secure the bone structure and help you overcome self-esteem issues too.

  • Periodontists

Gum disease is one of the most common types of dental issues that patients have. They can cause loss of teeth and even be quite painful for the patients. If you have any periodontal diseases, you will need to see a Periodontist. They diagnose and treat gum diseases like bleeding, swelling, pain, inflammation, and others. They also clean out the plaque built up and tar that can accumulate on the gums.

  • Endodontist

The inner area of the tooth is usually protected by dentin or hard enamel. Over time, the enamel can fade away or even become damaged from tar accumulation. If the sensitive tissue inside becomes inflamed, damaged, or rotten, it can be really painful for the patient. Endodontists preserve, remove, or treat the living tissue.

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