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Who Qualifies for Costa Rica Dental Implants?

Dental Implants in Costa Rica, the Best.

Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Dental Implants in Costa Rica? Do You Qualify?

If you are looking to get dental implants, you must make sure you qualify as a patient in Costa Rica. Here’s what you need to know before you make a definitive decision.

Dentistry in Costa Rica is emerging as a specialized practice, attracting 2.96 million tourists in 2017. A considerable majority of these are medical tourists, looking for affordable dental services in Costa Rica.

Dental Implants are undoubtedly the most costly teeth replacement procedure, but also the most long-lasting. As a result, many people want to opt for dental implants to enhance their smiles. Unfortunately for them, it costs a fortune in most countries! If you are looking towards All on 4 Dental implants, you can just forget about it.

CountryCost  of Dental implants
United States$3000-$4500
Cost Rica$600-$1300 
Dental Implants Prices

These are of course, rough estimates as the exact cost depends on the number of implants you are getting, but they lend you an idea about the affordability of dental implants in Costa Rica.  

Do You Qualify for Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

If you are planning to get affordable dental implants abroad, you might want to see if you qualify as a patient.

The following conditions rule you out as a candidate.

Pregnant Women

Expecting mothers do not qualify as right candidates for dental implants. Since an elective surgical procedure like this is likely to induce stress in the mother, it can prove harmful for the baby in the first trimester.

While you may be able to receive treatment post the first trimester, it is advised you wait it out till after you give birth and your medical complications are dealt with. 

Frequent Smokers and Drinkers

While dental implants usually have a skyrocketing success rate of 97%, the chance of success among smokers and drinkers is significantly reduced.

Smoking could prove detrimental to dental implants, negating the purpose of the treatment while alcohol interferes with the healing process post implants that could cause complications. As a result, dentists are apprehensive performing dental implant procedures on frequent smokers and drinkers.

Weak Jawbone 

As dental implants are inserted in the jawbone, the jaw needs to be adequate for successful completion of the procedure. People who have suffered trauma or undergone deterioration of the jaw do not qualify as patients for the treatment.

However, you may resolve this issue with a Bone Graft, after which you may be suitable to avail dental implants in Costa Rica.

Unhealthy Gums

In order to qualify for dental implants, your oral hygiene needs to be on point, without an existing periodontal (gum) disease like Gingivitis. Unhealthy gums can pose the risk of infection around the implant that could potentially lead to serious complications.  

Certain Medical Conditions

There are a few disqualifying medical conditions that render you inadequate for dental implants. These include autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and others including HIV, AIDS, Cancer, or Kidney Malfunction that would hamper the body’s healing process.

 This delayed healing may prevent dental osseointegration, whereby the implant merges with the jawbone. 

Pre Planning your dental implants trip to Costa Rica

 It is imperative that you inform your Prosthodontist about each of these aspects with complete honesty. Hiding or twisting facts may lead to complications for your own health later on. In order for the surgery to be successful, have a full consultation with the dentist beforehand.

Now that you know if you qualify for Dental Implants, it is time to find the best dentist in Costa Rica.

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