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Why Dental Care in Costa Rica is among the Top Dental Tourism Destinations in the World

Costa Rica Dental Care

Dental Care in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is emerging as a leading dental tourism destination. Find out all you need to know.

Dental tourism is on the rise and US citizens are taking advantage of this to evade the burden of high dental care prices in their home country. There are a number of countries that have emerged as top dental tourism destinations including Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, and now Costa Rica.

In just a few years, Costa Rica has established itself as one of the front-runners in the list of top dental tourist destinations, showing incredible growth from 2015 to 2016. Reports show that 45% of tourists that visit the country avail dental treatment.

The impeccable quality of dental services coupled with Costa Rica’s stunning natural beauty herald it an ideal destination for a dental vacation. Between Mexico, the titled leader of Dental Tourism, and Costa Rica, the latter is now becoming a more preferred choice.

Let’s explore the aspects that make this little country a popular choice for people seeking dental services abroad.


It is no surprise that the dental care in Costa Rica is significantly cheaper than that in USA. Since 114 million people lack dental insurance in US, it is only natural that they would look for affordable dental services elsewhere. You would roughly save a whopping 50% by receiving a dental service in Costa Rica as opposed to in USA.

Costa Rica is especially known for its affordable dental implants, a common dental procedure.

If affordability is the only factor, Mexico would prove to be an even cheaper option than Costa Rica. Then why is there a surge in foreign dental patients in Cost Rica?

High Dentistry Standards

Cost Rica is preferred over Mexico due to its stringent rules to practice dentistry. This naturally means that the dentists there are more qualified and know their work. This is a great loophole in the Mexican Dental industry, which requires no continuing education for practitioners.

Dental Care in Costa Rica is far more reliable, as good as the treatment you receive in USA but at affordable rates.

Close Proximity

Costa Rica receives a great number of medical patients every year, 80% of which are Americans. This is due to the short distance US citizens have to travel to reach their destination. In just three hours, a direct flight from Miami to San Jose will transport you to Costa Rica.

When you have a reliable dental care destination so close, who would travel all the way to Thailand or Spain?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide

People often shy away from unfamiliar locations, especially when it comes to choosing a health service there. How can you ever be sure the one you are choosing is reliable?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide is designed to aid you in taking care of your bookings, handling all your work and choosing dental care in Cost Rica tailored to your needs. This streamlines the whole process and allows you to receive the best possible treatment.

Exotic Destination

Now that you are visiting Cost Rica, you would rather stay a few days and explore the location. Costa Rica is a nature’s haven with rugged coastlines touching the Caribbean and the Pacific. With stunning white sand beaches, it is the perfect summer destination!

With increasing awareness of this country, people visit Costa Rica to avail dental services and check out its natural beauty.

Book the best dental care provider in Costa Rica for your next dental vacation.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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