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Reasons to choose Costa Rica for your Dental Tourism Procedures


While Dental Tourism is not new, there does seem to be an emerging trend…articles citing reasons to choose Costa Rica for your Dental Tourism Procedures. Though I usually do not like to pile on along with the masses, as a longtime advocate of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica I thought it best to feed the beast once again as the economy appears to be strengthening, and people are clamoring for options for affordable dental care.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism has many selling points, and the list of Patients lining up at airport gates throughout the U.S., Canada and elsewhere stand testament to that which some of in the industry observe everyday – Costa Rica Dental Tourism keeps growing and growing.

There are many countries to choose from when seeking dental care, so why are so many people pointing towards Costa Rica as the best option? Well, the top of the List of Reasons to Choose Costa Rica as a Dental Destination is predictable: Savings.

Sometimes extraordinary savings can be realized, and other times just a few dollars. Much always depends on the type of case, the extent of the dental work needed, the prevailing prices at the chosen Dental Clinic, and the denomination of currency a Dental Tourist carries. Currently, U.S. Patients fair better than Canadians, but this changes from time to time due to a variety of economic factors that remain largely out of our control – most notably, currency fluctuations.

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica its a very strong dental tourism destination.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism is not the silver bullet that brings high U.S. and Canadian dental prices down to Earth, but it reduces the bottom line significantly in nearly all cases for those willing to travel south of the border. A dental implant patient can save nearly $1000 on each dental implant placed, and around $500 for each crown in many countries – Mexico, Colombia, Peru to name a few. So, a person who needs a lot of dental work and has the funds to travel away from their hometown stands to benefit greatly. And amongst these people, those who require more treatment will nearly always benefit from greater savings.

Next up on the list of reasons to choose Costa Rica Dental Tourism procedures is to escape from the day to day pressures of life. Whether it is getting away from frigid temperatures and the Winter snow, the Summer doldrums, or the family and friends that drive you crazy over politics, sports, chores or any other reason. Dental Tourism in Costa Rica is a great way to get your smile back in shape, but also your attitude. The local flavor is calm, relaxed and friendly. And that is something great to smile about even if you decide not to visit a Costa Rica Dentist! It just happens sometimes…people come prepared to have dental veneers, crowns or dental implants placed, but decide to just receive diagnostics and a Treatment Plan and return on their next trip for Dental Tourism in Costa Rica.

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dental Tourists who believe Costa Rica Dental Tourism is their best option for their dental care will be pleased when they touch ground at Juan Santa Maria International Airport in San Jose. The airport is nice, comfortable, safe, and full of friendly people. You will know at that moment when you land that you were not crazy jumping on a plane to get your dental care completed in Costa Rica. The weather will probably be nice upon arrival, but if it is a bit rainy, don’t worry…that will pass soon! Sometimes, you feel like you just got to get-away, and when that sensation hits you, it may be a great time consider Dental Tourism in Costa Rica so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Great Dental Care in Costa Rica

While Savings are always great, and escaping the pressures of the moment is always comforting to some degree, the MAIN REASON people choose Costa Rica for their Dental Procedures is great Dental Care. That’s right, it’s not all about savings and escaping those things that are bothering you a bit…it’s about great Dental Care and having your teeth and smile working the best they can.

Costa Rica has some of the top Dentists in the world, and once you meet your Dentist in Costa Rica, you should feel like you are in great hands. If you feel anything else than that, run away!!! If you use an International Patient Coordinator to schedule in, there should be no surprises. Sure, if you opt for the cheapest dentist on the block you may end up with one who does not have the training and experienced needed to ensure a Dental Tourist a great rip. Best to go down well-travelled roads, not necessarily choosing the most expensive Dentist, but one who provides a great value. This will be key to ensuring a great trip, overall.

There are many other reasons to choose Costa Rica for your Dental Procedures, even though some of those reasons are outside the field of Dentistry. Costa Rica has long been hailed as the gem of Central America, blessed with unparalleled beauty and nature, and a kind people. Water buffs can head east or west and hit warm bodies of water. On the pacific, deep blue water makes for a sports-fisherman’s paradise, while those seeking a Caribbean experience should head for the lesser visited coast. Nature lovers can’t go wrong. Outside San Jose, it is pretty much one beautiful setting after another. And Jungle explorers have plenty of options too as we have a variety of regions, each with its own local flavor, fauna and wildlife.

An adventure that will surely leave you smiling.

So, though there are many reasons people choose Dental Tourism in Costa Rica over other countries that offer similar dental services – getting their teeth and smile repaired, enhanced or restored at a fraction of U.S. prices remains at the top of the list for most. And while dental tourism in Costa Rica is an adventure that will surely leave you smiling, make sure you get out to visit more than just your chosen Dental Tourism provider. You will be glad you did, and it will likely make you want to come back for a second trip, even if you do not require any more dental work in Costa Rica.

You can find pretty much all dental specialties in Costa Rica, you can also find several dental clinics offering Dental Procedures to US and Canadian Dental Tourists. If you ask me for a recommendation, we have evaluated the quality and service of a clinic such as Sonría Dental Boutique, which is certified to provide services to foreign patients, offers specialists in areas such as dental implants, All on 4, crowns, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, endodontics, etc.

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