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Why US citizens will prefer to travel to Costa Rica for a dental procedure

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Dental procedures are surgeries (or changes) carried out on the teeth, and sometimes the jaw bones to improve the teeth or the arrangement. A few of these procedures are, full mouth restoration, teeth straightening and replacement.

You may have wondered why most of your friends and other US citizens travel abroad for their dental procedures. Well, I am here with just the answer you are looking for, read on.

Huge Savings with Costa Rica Dental Prices

In recent times, cost of health care has increased exponentially in the United States forcing its citizens (people of every class) to seek cheaper and yet effective dental tourism (traveling for dental care and sight-seeing) abroad, being Costa Rica one of the preferred dental tourism destinations.

Having said that, the main reason US citizens travel abroad is the price, as they can save up to 70% on dental expenses when they travel to Costa Rica for their Dental procedure. This gives the citizens (like you) an opportunity to smile after the dental procedure. Patients who plan to travel abroad for a dental procedure can save a lot of dollars.

Transparent pricing

When you contact most clinics abroad and send your dental work and what it needs, they send an estimated price to you upfront. Costa Rica Dental Tourism is one guide that has helped US citizens, going to Costa Rica for Dental Tourism, and gives an estimate of the price needed for their dental procedures; along with the process for the procedure.

Quality of Service

Clinics for Dental procedures located abroad are more caring, respectful and attentive to their patients. This is due to the fact that, they understand that their attitude towards foreigners will draw more people (as their business depends on referrals from well-treated patients).

Memorable Experience

Dental procedures abroad are popularly called Dental Tourism, as they give room for you to have a fun-filled time visiting museums, restaurants and relaxing on beaches while you recover. The language and culture are one memory you will definitely not forget easily.


The bulk of the dental clinics abroad – especially around the US – rarely have a waiting list as they offer their services to foreigners, like you. You get all the convenience you want (the clinics works with your own schedule).

Where to go?

Well, by now you definitely have a knowledge why people travel abroad for Dental Tourism. For you, Costa Rica Dental Tourism will be the best. Why? It is because every month more US citizens travel to Costa Rica to get their Dental Procedures done. For a start, it’s a well-known place for the best Dental procedure, especially by US citizens.

It’s easy to travel to (no visa required). The language might be one barrier that might put you off, I considered that before I suggested Costa Rica for your Dental Tourism. Though their native tongue is Spanish, their dental clinics consider their main patients (foreigners) and as such, have staffs who can speak perfect English.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism is the perfect dental guide you need for your Costa Rica Dental Vacations. They rank as the top Costa Rica Dental guide and has helped many US citizens before you.

Do visit their website Costa Rica Dental Tourism  to see all the good stuff. On Dental Tourism Costa Rica website, you can get the estimated price for a dental procedure and even the modus operandi for your dental procedure. Do have fun on your Costa Rica Dental Vacations.

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