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Why you may choose Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Why you may choose Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Nothing eases a patient’s burden more than getting treatment from the best hands in the industry at a relatively affordable cost. This is what Costa Rica Dental practitioners promise and deliver on. Other factors such as Costa Rica’s gripping natural and aesthetic beauty and the stunning nature of the people are stimulating the boom in Costa Rica’s health and dental tourism. Whatever that informs a patient’s choice for Costa Rica’s blooming dental tourism, patients and tourists have always had a similar story of a very welcoming people and an enthralling environment.

The country, lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, making it a country with huge tourism potentials; enthralling beaches, great flora, and fauna; enchanting landscapes, gripping mountainous highlands. Above all, the people are very hospitable and receptive, in line with the popular belief among the people that life is full of fun.

In Costa Rica, patients who need dental treatment are attracted by two major factors. A relatively cheaper cost of dental implants and the natural and aesthetic beauty of the country. Dental treatment in Costa Rica can, in some cases be incredibly as low as 70% cheaper than what obtains in a country like the US. Isn’t this amazing?

Another major attraction is that in most cases, a patient is availed information on the costs and procedures of his dental needs ahead of time so that patients can draw their budget even before leaving their shores for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Has The Lowest Crime Rates In Latin America

Costa Rica Dental Tourism 99

Costa Rica has the lowest crime rate in the whole of Latin America after it was demilitarized about 50 years ago. As a developing country within Central America, Costa Rica is relatively peaceful and safe. The government knows that safety is indispensable for tourists who wish to leave their shores for the country. Tourists want to be sure of their safety and the safety of their belongings. Cost Rica is reputed for its peaceful state, especially within the cities where patients usually seek dental treatments.

The country is close to the United States and Canada. Flight from the US to Costa Rica is around 4 hours while Costa Rica from Canada is about 7 hours by flight. Though this depends on the city one is flying from. Interestingly too, there are direct daily flights from both USA and Canada.

Since gaining independence in 1821, the country has witnessed tremendous development within all its social facets including medical delivery. The country is now the best destination for medical tourism. This is partly because of the cost advantage of getting medical treatment such as dental implants in Costa Rica. Currently, the country has the highest standard of living when compared with other countries in Central America. That is aside from the country’s literacy rate and lifespan which ranks the highest within that region.

About awhile now, the government, through Costa Rica Tourism Board has launched and promoted activities targeted at shoring up health tourism. This, together with the country’s history of reputed and respected health practitioners has placed the country in a world map as one of the wellness destinations in the world.

The country has an enthralling and soothing environment which for decades has stirred a new wave of adventure, greatly influenced by government’s efforts to make the country one of the preferred destination for health tourism.

These have greatly impacted the dental care of Costa Rica so much that many who have a need for one dental treatment or the other are now opting for Costa Rica’s dental care and services. That is aside the cost-benefit which is almost is half of what obtains in the neighboring US and Canada.

Today, the vision of turning Costa Rica into a wellness destination has succeeded as the country is now known as offering life-changing experiences that will improve the quality of life of those who visit the country for one medical need or the other.

Dental costs in most cases are agreed on even before the person who needs treatment leaves his shores. This situation guarantees that there are no disappointments or unforeseen costs experienced.

To guarantee this convenience, dentists could advise their patients to have all the dental x-rays and other tests done in their countries. With the results, the dentist already knew the dental needs of the patient and thus costs of implant or treatment would be pre-agreed on.

Most dental clinics and centers in Costa Rica use high quality and sometimes imported equipment from reputable suppliers from across the world, including the US. Brands from Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Keystone Dental are popular around the country’s dental centers.

Dental facilities such as Sonría Dental Boutique can help you with all your dental treatment needs.

Most Costa Rican Dental practitioners blend their services with the popular country’s culture of receptivity by offering patients relatively moderate costs of treatment. That is aside availing them courtesies of a free tour around the city, free airport pickups, and other irresistible offers that make the patient’s stay a less cumbersome one.

Dental costs in costa rica’ capital at a glance



San Jose 10,000






Replacement of 4 Front Teeth

Per Implant

3 Implants With Bone Grafts

Full Teeth Restoration

3 Implants, 2 bridges, 7 crowns for $4,500

Dental Implants

What tops patients’ dental needs?

From the record, most of the patients who visit Costa Rica to have their dental needs sorted out are mostly those who desire to get dental implants. These implants fall within replacement of fallen teeth as a result of accidents {domestic, industrial or auto-accidents}. Others are implanted to replace decayed or decaying tooth or teeth due to dental disease.

There are as well other dental procedures that top the patients’ needs. They include all-on-four dental implants, root canal therapy, and a dental bridge.

Average cost of dental implants in costa Rica

Having known that dental treatment in Costa Rica is one of the lowest and the best, it is necessary that tourists and patients have a clue about the costs of getting their dental needs fixed.

It is expedient too to remind prospective visitors that the country parades thousands of highly efficient and professional dental practitioners. When compared with other countries, especially the neighboring country, patients could save as much as 70% of the cost of getting dental treatment elsewhere when they have their procedures and treatment in Costa Rica.

Dental Facilities such as Costa Rica Dental Implants Clinic can help you with all your dental needs.

All these could be attributable to the low cost of living, affordable education, and training, lower insurance fees, lower cost of labor and other proactive measures put in place to make the country a haven of health tourism, especially Dental Tourism.

Below is the average cost of dental procedures. These include implants, filling the bridges and crowns. This average cost represents the costs obtained from most dental clinics in Costa Rica. This compares to treatment costs in the neighboring USA.

The average cost of a dental procedure including bridges, crowns, and implants in Costa Rica is as follows.

Average cost of dental procedures in Costa Rica vs the USA

  • All on 4 treatment – Patients could save up to $9,500 – If treated in Costa Rica
  • All on 6 treatment – Patients could save up to $12,000 – if treated in Costa Rica
  • Braces treatment – Patients could save up to $2,500 – if treated in Costa Rica
  • Bone Graft Treatment – Patients could save up to $1,175 – if treated in Costa Rica
  • Dental Bridge Treatment – Patients could save up to $1,600 – if treated in Costa Rica
  • Dental Crown Treatment – Patients could save up to $770 if treated in Costa Rica
  • Dental Implant – Patients could save up to $3,300 if treated in Costa Rica
  • Implant-Supported Dental Bridge – Patients could save up to $1,500 if treated in Costa Rica
  • Implant-Supported Overdenture – Patients could save up to $13.200 if treated in Costa Rica

Do you need lots of visits to Costa Rica to sort out your dental needs?

As stated earlier, dental clinics in Costa Rica usually advice their patients to get dental x-rays and cone beam CT scan in their local clinic before coming to Costa Rica. From the result, they initiate the cost of treatment and plan patients’ schedules earlier before their visit. This helps them to save costs that may be associated with several appointments.

Costa Rica Dental Clinics as Costa Rica Dental Implants Clinic are specialized in dental implants, all on 4, full mouth restoration procedures.

What if something goes wrong with your dental treatment?

Most clinics do give assurances and warranties in their contracts with patients. This way, the patient is protected and could get exactly what was promised in the event anything goes wrong with the treatment given or with the quality of material used. But most clinics go for the best materials and offer the best professional treatment. They know that good name can only come by only when quality services are rendered.

Exciting places people enjoy visiting

Costa Rica is full of beautiful sites and alluring places to visit. There’s never a boring moment. Whether visitors are interested in the culture of the people or visiting enthralling sites or beautiful beaches, Costa Rica offers so much of them. Visitors could choose to visit Galleries, Museums, and artists in San Jose, Santa Elena, Sarchí or Monteverde.

We at the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, are convinced that traveling to Costa Rica for Dental procedures will exceed your expectations.

Help me find a Costa Rica Dentist – Costa Rica Dental Clinic.

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