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6 Causes for Tooth Sensitivity | Costa Rica Dental Tourism

tooth sensitivity costa rica dental tourism

6 Causes for Tooth Sensitivity | Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Do your teeth hurt when you drink or eat something hot or cold?

Does it hurt when you brush or floss?

Then you might have tooth sensitivity. It can pain a lot if you neglect your dental problems and let them fester. It is important to seek affordable dental care options like Costa Rica dental tourism. Ventures like The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can actually find you the perfect dental clinic according to your budget. This allows you to address issues like tooth sensitivity, missing teeth, tooth decay, gum diseases, and more.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Recommendations

There are a few main causes for tooth sensitivity that you should avoid. Costa Rica dental tourism recommends taking care of some of the things below to maintain good oral health.

1- Tooth Decay

If you have developed tooth decay around the edges of your fillings, it can lead to high tooth sensitivity. As fillings get old, they may weaken or fracture. This can lead to plaque buildup inside the small corners leading to significant tooth decay. Costa Rica dental tourism can repair old fillings and even address tooth decay issues that you may have.

2- Cracked or Chipped Teeth

A damaged tooth can cause you significant pain. However, a lot of people keep neglecting the issue due to the high costs in the US and Canada. It is important to get a tooth extraction or crown as per your oral needs. Costa Rica dental tourism can extract and replace with dental implants at affordable prices.

3- Use Home Kit Tooth Whiteners

It is better to opt for expert teeth whitening through Costa Rica dental tourism. They offer options like veneers and zoom teeth whitening. Tooth whitening chemicals in home kits can actually harm the enamel of the teeth. It is exposed to even more acid and plaque, which can cause sensitivity and decay.

4- Gum Disease

It is important to take care of gum problems like bleeding, swelling, and receding gums. Receding gums are the most common problem that causes sensitivity amongst old people. Costa Rica dental tourism allows you to address gum problems like gingivitis.

5- Improper Brushing

If you brush too hard or use the incorrect toothbrush, it can actually lead to enamel erosion. This increases the sensitivity of your teeth to hot or cold foods and drinks. It exposes the dental nerves to these temperatures causing discomfort and pain. It is important to learn the proper way to brush your teeth to prevent such issues.

6- Unhealthy Diet

It is important to eat foods that replenish the nutrients making up the enamel of the teeth like calcium and phosphorus. It is also important to avoid sugary drinks like sweet tea and sodas, which are the perfect foods for harmful bacteria.

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