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Experts’ Advice on Preventing Tooth Decay


Preventing tooth decay

Tooth decay can destroy your teeth and their structure. It starts from a simple cavity that goes unnoticed in the beginning. Many children, as well as adults, face tooth decay. It occurs when bacteria attacks your teeth. It can erode your enamel and dentine and cause serious infection to your pulp and nerve. This can result in extreme pain and discomfort, along with jawbone issues.

It is best to avoid tooth decay from the onset. Otherwise, the situation can worsen.

Here are a few tips on preventing tooth decay.

Consume Fluoride

You would have heard people saying fluoride makes teeth healthier, and it’s true. Every day, the teeth go through the process of demineralization and re-mineralization. If the enamel losses more minerals than it gains, it causes tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that helps in preventing tooth decay by speeding up the re-mineralization process.

You can use fluoride toothpaste or strips to clean your teeth and preventing tooth decay. Your Costa Rica dentist can also recommend you fluoride supplements or treatments. Drinking fluoridated water is another option.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

Bacteria react with sugary food items to create an acid that erodes teeth. By avoiding foods that stick on the teeth for a long time, you can reduce your risk of tooth decay. Ice cream, honey, cake, cookies, soda, hard candy, and mints are some of the many foods that lead to tooth decay.

Similarly, fruit-based drinks or juices can stimulate the growth of bacteria. High citrus content fruits can also erode your enamel. Of course, it can be challenging to cut off all these foods and drinks, but you should try to avoid them. Consume soda or sugary drinks on special occasions.

Your diet is important, so make the right decision!

Brush Your Teeth After Bedtime Milk

Having a glass of milk before bedtime is a common practice, especially among infants and children. Milk facilitates the growth of bacteria and increases the risk of tooth decay. So now you know why tooth decay is a common problem among children. In children, this condition is known as “baby bottle tooth decay.”

Experts advise brushing teeth before going to bed to preventing tooth decay.

Don’t Eat Too Many Snacks – Preventing tooth decay

Limit your snacks. By constant snaking, the bacteria get activated and attack your teeth enamel. People eat snacks to avoid dry mouths. You should drink more water instead of frequent snacking. One key benefit of limited snacking is that your teeth get time to re-mineralize.

Visit a Dentist

The Costa Rica dentist can evaluate and analyze the risk of tooth decay in your teeth. Get regular checkup from a professional dentist.

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