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Preventing Tooth Decay At Home | Tips by Costa Rica Dentists


Preventing Tooth Decay At Home | Tips by Costa Rica Dentists

It is important to invest in dental care at home as well to impede tooth decay and other oral hygiene problems. Costa Rica dentists recommend some measures you can take to stay healthy.

Tooth decay can develop over the years due to improper diet or inadequate oral hygiene. A lot of modern food like fast food, junk food, and sugary items can encourage tooth decay. Bacteria feed on such foods and begin to accumulate in the mouth. It can cause a buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria around the teeth.

This can lead to all sorts of dental problems like gum diseases, cavities, loose teeth, bleeding gums, sensitivity, etc. Costa Rica dentists recommend a few steps that you can take to limit tooth decay at home. In severe cases, however, it is recommended to visit advanced dental clinics like the Costa Rica Dental Implants Clinic or recommended dental clinics featured by the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide.

Tips by Costa Rica Dentists

There are a few measures everyone needs to take to limit tooth decay.

1. Avoid Sugary Drinks, Have Water

Costa Rica dentists recommend avoiding sugary beverages like soda and fizzy drinks. Such beverages can stain the teeth and cause accumulation of harmful bacteria around the mouth. They also disturb the pH level of the mouth that can increase oral problems. Carbonation also increases tartar buildup on the teeth. Water is the best drink to have since it actually works to prevent tooth decay. It can neutralize any acids and decrease any damage to the teeth.

2. A Better Diet

A better diet can actually improve oral hygiene. According to Costa Rica dentists, a calcium-rich diet including milk, broccoli, and kale can strengthen the teeth to prevent cavities and lose teeth. It is also important to take in foods that are rich in vitamins like bananas, oranges, peas, and Brussels sprouts. This nourishes the teeth with magnesium, iron, vitamin B and vitamin D. Even seafood like tuna and sardines and whole grain foods provide teeth the necessary nutrients. This increase the saliva production which controls the pH levels and cleans the mouth of acids.

3. Use Fluoride

Fluoride has been found to do wonders for the teeth according to dentists in Costa Rica. It replaces and prevents mineral loss, which can strengthen the teeth and even reverse tooth decay. It also impedes the ability of the bacteria to make acids that can harm the teeth. A few ways you can consume more fluoride is to drink water and toothpaste that contains it, as well as gels, tablets, and mouth rinse.

4. Oil Pulling

Costa Rica dentists recommend oil pulling, which is a very easy method to clean your teeth. Swishing around a tablespoon of oil also proves to be a great detoxification method. It can cure tooth decay issues like gingivitis. The best oil to use is coconut oil since it also tastes great. This method is great if used in the first 20 minutes of waking up.

5. Visit the Dentist

It is important to get regular checkups and treat your dental problems at once. If you have any dental issues don’t hesitate to visit Costa Rica dentists. A lot of patients hesitate to go to the dentist due to the high price but places like Sonria Dental Boutique offer expert care at affordable dental prices.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide

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