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Increasing Trends in Dental Tourism

dental trends in costa rica

Increasing trends in dental tourism

There has been a hike in the trends in dental tourism in recent years. Find out why right now.

Tourism industries all over the world have noted a spike in dental tourism in recent years. A surge in the supply, as well as demand, has increased due to high prices in many regions like the United States and Canada. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide now has hundreds of foreign patients each month due to increasing trends in dental tourism.

Increasing Trends in Dental Tourism

Dental tourism has become a serious part of medical tourism. This has encouraged many countries to boost their local dental industry in order to attract more tourists. One such region is Costa Rica where more and more foreign patients come in for affordable specialist dental care.

Costa Rica also offers specialist dental care that is worth the trip for many patients. Patients are willing to travel to the Caribbean country to get implants or dental crowns due to the high level of care available at low prices. Increasing trends in dental tourism are encouraged by the fact that patients can get expert care at affordable prices.

Almost half of the population of America doesn’t have dental insurance, which means more than 130 million. Those who do have insurance face limited yearly coverage of $1,500 which doesn’t even cover a fraction of the cost for a single dental implant of $5,000. Increasing trends in dental tourism show that people want more affordable care.

Patients who choose dental tourism to Costa Rica have great beneficial procedure plans that enhance their dental condition. Patients can get dental implants for $750 to $1000. This is 80% of the cost of dental implants in America. Even if you factor in the cost of traveling ($650-$850) and hotel stay ($800-$1000 for 7-10 days), you end up saving a lot of money.

It also gives you the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Costa Rica is famous for its lush beaches, amazing natural beauty, and great cuisines. It has amazing spas and resorts, as well as a horde of affordable activities that you can indulge in. This allows you to spend your money creating amazing memories and relaxing instead of getting sub-par care in America for a larger cost.

Using The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide

Increasing trends in dental tourism are also flourishing due to ventures like The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. They provide you with a list of verified certified dental clinics that will ensure you get great specialist care. They check each clinic to make sure that it is up to code. They also go over your dental issues and budget so that you have no problem finding a great dentist in Costa Rica.

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