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Is Getting Dental Treatment Abroad A Good Idea?


Dental Treatment Abroad

Getting Dental Treatment Abroad

More and more people are opting to travel abroad to receive dental treatment. Is it really a good idea?

Dental care in the US, Canada, UK, and other nations continue to become more and more expensive. In the US, half the population doesn’t have dental insurance, meaning 130 million people don’t have coverage. Those that do have coverage are faced by limits of $1,500 per year, which isn’t even enough to cover half the price for a dental implant. This is why patients from all over the world are now using The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide to find verified clinics to get dental treatment in Costa Rica.

Why Choose Dental Treatment Abroad?

Dental treatment abroad is becoming a major trend with more than 400,000 patients choosing it in just 2012. There are many reasons for this increasing trend in dental tourism.


The high cost of dental treatment in many countries is the biggest reason why patients to seek dental treatment abroad. For example, one single dental implant in the US costs $5,000. Since many Americans don’t have dental insurance or have limitations under their current dental plan, they definitely won’t be able to pay such high costs for missing teeth.

Through ventures like The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, patients are able to seek expert treatment for dental implants in $750-$1,000. This is a really great option for people who don’t want to break their bank accounts to replace a missing tooth.


At first, people were scared and skeptical of receiving dental treatment abroad since they didn’t know how to look for experts working at the state-of-the-art, verified dental clinics. Luckily, now, there are many different options through which people can find certified clinics that follow local codes and safety guidelines. The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide is one such venture where they have a list of trained professionals working at some of the best facilities. This ensures that when you get dental care, you get the best possible care in the world.

Most dental clinics, under the venture, import their equipment and technology from the US as well. They use the best technology available to give you the best dental care possible.


Most dentists working for The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide have trained at some of the best schools in the world. They have a team of specialists working under their care program so that if any problem arises, you have a specialist to sort it out. This provides the most efficient and effective care possible. Patients are choosing to get dental treatment abroad because it would otherwise be impossible to get such a high level of care without emptying the bank account.

Choosing the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide

Costa Rica is becoming the hub for dental tourism since the government is doing everything it can to increase the standards of dental care while keeping the prices low. The reputable dental clinics working for the venture also provide services to hundreds of foreign patients every week. This makes them ideal for dental treatment abroad.

Now you know why choose dental treatment abroad.

Let us help you find the right dentist for you.

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