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Relaxing Spots in Costa Rica to Mix With Your Dental Procedures

relaxing spots in Costa Rica

Relaxing spots in Costa Rica

Are you about to go on a dental vacation? These relaxing spots in Costa Rica will be the perfect way to recover from the procedures.

Costa Rica has emerged as the number one dental vacation destination in the world. Around 90% of all dental treatment in the country is administered to foreign patients. Hundreds of thousands of patients travel to Costa Rica every year in search of good dental care. The high-quality of care combined with the tens of relaxing spots in Costa Rica make it perfect for dental vacations.


Among the relaxing spots in Costa Rica is the impressive coastline that millions travel to from around the world. With 1,230km of white sand and rock beaches, you are sure to have plenty of room to lounge around. The clear aquamarine water, warm sun, and refreshing ocean breeze make it a wonderful location.

You will be able to see plenty of wildlife such as tropical fish and sea turtles in the area. There are other activities that you can do as well, including jet skis, windsurfing, or beach parties. The nightlife of Costa Rica is one of the most interesting things tourists can witness. You can visit the Caribbean towns or relax on the Pacific Coast side, according to your preferences.


Being surrounded by nature can be the best thing for some people. Taking a relaxing boat ride while taking in the jungles of Costa Rica can be a memorable experience. There are also plenty of places to hike in Costa Rica. Don’t worry; there are plenty of hikes where you can take a leisurely stroll through the forests. You will be able to see one of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife in the world on the way.

Wildlife Reserves and Parks

Some of the most relaxing spots in Costa Rica include the lush parks and impressive wildlife reserves in the area. They have a stunning variety of flora and fauna. You can explore the nature of the country through fun and relaxing tours. Ecotours in the area are respectful of the wildlife and ensure that you can have a calming experience.


Among the best relaxing spots in Costa Rica are their popular spas. Costa Rica is known for its stone massages that will ensure deep relaxation. They use black volcanic stones, which are warmed and used with the massage. The stones are known to expand the blood vessels, which allow the masseuse to do wonders. The weight of the stones and circulation function can revive anyone. You can even get this treatment ocean side, which can be a great experience.

If you choose to get expert dental treatment from specialists, it will reduce the amount of recovery time you need drastically. Any of these relaxing spots in Costa Rica will be the perfect way to chill after a treatment.

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