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Smile Bright Again with Costa Rica Dental Tourism

bring your smile back

Know how can Costa Rica dental treatments bring your smile back.

A significant majority of people hide their smiles because they are not confident about them. Many people have strained, missing, or damaged teeth. This lowers their self-esteem and confidence. Thus, they try to cover up their smile, laugh less often in public, and some even stop smiling entirely.

According to The American Academy of Implant Dentistry, around 36 million Americans have lost all their teeth. Around 10 million people have reported that they have at least one missing tooth. This is an alarming situation. Moreover, the high prices of dental treatments in the US and Canada have even worsened the situation as people cannot afford to take care of their oral health. Their dental coverage usually ranges from $1000 to $1500, which is not even 50% of the total cost of most common dental treatments. Therefore, more and more people are visiting Costa Rica for their dental treatments, and Costa Rica is emerging as the best dental tourism spot in the world.

Dental Treatments Available in Costa Rica

Dentists in Costa Rica provide various treatments, which are also customized according to their patients’ needs, history, and conditions. Some of the common dental treatments available in Costa Rica are:

  1. Dental implants
  2. Dental veneers
  3. Crowns / bridges
  4. Teeth whitening treatments
  5. White – bonded fillings
  6. Full & partial dentures
  7. Periodontics
  8. Endodontics
  9. Orthodontics
  10. Cosmetics treatments
  11. Zoom whitening system
  12. Restorative treatments
  13. Root canals
  14. All on 4/6/8

Even though not all of these above-mentioned dental treatments fall under cosmetic dentistry, the dentists in Costa Rica make sure that they help you to regain your smile with pearly white and shiny teeth.

How Dental Tourism can Help You to Get Your Smile Back?

Dental clinics in Costa Rica follow the most advanced procedures and treatments to provide the best possible results to their patients. Most of them have imported the equipment and technology from the US. They also encourage their dentists to attend international training seminars and courses.

Apart from this, the dentists in Costa Rica believe that healthy teeth can not only brighten your smile, but also improve your overall health. They promote eating nutritious food that can make your teeth healthy. Therefore, they also give nutritional counseling to their patients. 

Regular dental check-ups can help bring back your smile. Instead of missing your dental appointments, you can visit Costa Rica for scaling and professional cleaning at a fraction of the cost of these procedures in the US. The price of dental treatments in Costa Rica is almost 50 to 70% less than dental clinics in the US or Canada. You can enjoy your dental vacation and get bring your smile back at affordable dental rates here in Costa Rica.

Also, Costa Rica has some well-known beaches and forests. You can relax and recover here while exploring them. This is why Costa Rica, Pura Vida meaning Costa Rica, Full of Life is a common slogan here. So, get your dental treatment in Costa Rica and smile bright again!

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Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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