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The Price of Your Teeth | Dental Tourism in Costa Rica


The Price of Your Teeth | Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

The prices of dental care in the United States continue to rise at an exponential rate. This makes it hard to receive good dental care in the country. This is why the dental tourism in Costa Rica continues to expand at such a large rate. Patients flood the country from all over the United States and Canada to receive the best dental care at really low and affordable prices.

A Huge Rise in Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

A very high percentage of the tourists that come into the country are part of the dental tourism in Costa Rica. This number continues to increase and makes Costa Rica the number one in dental tourism in Latin America. There are many other reasons besides low prices that drive patients to Costa Rica.

The country has high standards of dental care since it receives a lot of international patients. Dental clinics are verified by the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide so that the patients receive safe and expert care. Highly trained professionals work in the dental clinics of the country.

One such dental clinic is the Costa Rica Dental Implants Clinic that scores number one on the Dental Tourism Guide. They have dentists who have specialized in prosthodontics. Costa Rica Dentists are trained to handle foreign patients and speak English. Such dental clinics also have the best dental technology in the world. Most of the equipment and prosthetics are imported from the United States. They are verified by high safety standards before use.

Dental tourism in Costa Rica

Dental Prices in Costa Rica

However, the main reason for the rise in dental tourism in Costa Rica remains the low prices. The country has ensured that dental clinics remain cost-effective so that foreign patients can come in. United States has abnormally high dental costs compared to Costa Rica. They are often less than half of the prices in the United States.

For example, if you want to receive a full mouth reconstruction, it would cost you a steep $45,000 to $60,000 in the USA. The price is cut down in Costa Rica by 65% to just $15,000 to $24,000. Such a huge difference can be a lot for someone seeking a lot of dental care. Even for dental implants the prices shifts from $5000 to $650-$1000. This is why dental tourism in Costa Rica is so popular.

To find out more about the costs of dental care in Costa Rica visit the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide now. They strive to connect you to the best dental clinics based on your budget and condition.

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