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The Quality of Dental Care in Costa Rica vs. the USA

Quality of dental care

Quality of dental care

Here’s a detailed comparison of the quality of dental care in Costa Rica and the one in the United States.

Do you know that more than 74 million Americans have no dental coverage at all? Due to high dental prices, these individuals are skipping their dental appointments as well.

If you are living in the USA and comparing the prices of dental treatments in Costa Rica with your own country, you will surely notice a huge difference. Costa Rica dental prices are much more affordable than that of the USA.

However, the quality of dental care treatments and procedures is equally important, and it’s worth noting that the number of dental tourists in Costa Rica is increasing each day. Here’s a look at the quality of dental care in Costa Rica vs. the United States.

Why Are the Prices of Same Dental Treatments Lower in Costa Rica Than the USA?

Labor cost is a huge cost for any dental treatment. The labor cost in Costa Rica is much lower than that in the USA, making dental treatments cheaper. This is as simple as American brands establishing their factories in India.

Moreover, the cost of doing business in Costa Rica is also less than it is in the USA. Thus, dental clinics spend less on employees’ salaries, taxes, and dental supplies. This increases their savings and the benefit is transferred to the end-consumer.

Moving forward, one of the major benefits is that there aren’t any hidden prices. The dentist asks for electronic X-Rays and other reports before giving you a final quote of the price. This means you would know the exact price before you book your air ticket.

Should I Trust the Quality of Dental Treatment in Costa Rica?

The increasing number of dental tourists in Costa Rica is a sign of their high-quality dental services. If not better, it is at par with its US counterparts.

Most of the clinics are accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International) and AAAHC. They provide patient-centered experience. Some dental clinics also provide pick-up service to the patients from airport or hotel.

The dentists need to get registered and verified from the government before they start their practice. The government also regulates prices for dental treatments as minimum dental charges. If any dentist is offering lesser than that, you should not accept it as it is an illegal act.

The facilities are also modern and professional. Most of the dental equipment is imported from the USA to give you a high-quality experience.

Lastly, some of the dental clinics offer a guarantee on their treatments. It is the way to prove that they have done high-quality work and the patient wouldn’t feel any issue later. It is the final stamp that assures everyone about the quality of dental treatments in Costa Rica.

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