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Top 5 Destinations for Costa Rica Dental Vacation That Patients Will Enjoy

Costa Rica Dental Vacations

Living the Costa Rica Dental Vacations experience!

Costa Rica dental vacations continue to grow in popularity due to the amazing destinations and high-quality dental care. Here are the top 5 places patients will enjoy.

Costa Rica dental vacations have become one of the most popular destinations for Americans and Canadians alike. One of the biggest reasons is that it has really affordable dental care. Since people can save thousands of dollars through Costa Rica dental vacations, they prefer this option. Another perk is that they are able to visit one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world because of it. Relaxing on your Costa Rica dental vacations right after the procedure has never been so memorable.

Top 5 Destinations on Costa Rica Dental Vacations

There are plenty of spots that you can visit in Costa Rica but these top 5 destinations remain the most popular.

Tortuguero National Park

The Tortuguero National Park is home to an epic variety of wildlife that you will remember for the rest of your life. It is home to a huge population of turtles that often come onto the beach to nest. You can lounge on a beach chair, get a tan, and recover from your dental procedure. You can also take a relaxing canoe ride down the beautiful canals of Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa

The wanderlust traveler in you will absolutely love this little down. The easy-going vibe of the town works wonders on even the weariest patients. With authentic eateries, beautiful beaches, and abundant activities, you will definitely have a great time.

Volcan Arenal

Surrounded by the surreal rainforest, waterfalls, rapids, and underground caves, the Volcan Arenal is a wonderful destination. It is definitely an impressive sight to see and full of adventure. The trek to the peak is jam-packed with different landscapes that will make you gasp. The nearby town of La Fortuna is also the perfect place to relax and have a refreshing seasonal juice.

Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park is based on the Pacific coast. You can reach it easily by bus and it’s perfect for those who aren’t staying in Costa Rica for too long. The lush green rainforest has plenty of sights to see. You can relax on the simply dreamy beaches on the coast. The white, powder-soft sand and the amazing coral reef is definitely a sight to see.

Playa Jaco

The Playa Jaco is best known for some beach area fun. This developed seaside area has a buzzing nightlife right next to the waves. The intriguing and vibrant tropical wildlife make it all the more fun. You may be able to catch a small peak at armadillos, macaws, and crocodiles in the Carara Biological Reserve.

If you are planning to go abroad for dental care, Costa Rica dental vacations are the perfect retreat. You will be able to get the best dental care in the world as well as explore the beauty of Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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