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Why Should You Trust the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide?


7 Reasons Why You Should Trust The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide services

We started this guide with the idea to help foreign patients in making dental tourism arrangements. Read this article to know why you should trust us.

The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide was launched with the idea to help foreign patients in their dental vacation arrangements. We help patients from the US and Canada to find high-quality and affordable dental care in Costa Rica.

If you are wondering why you should trust The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide services, here are 7 reasons:

Licensed Dentists

We recommend licensed dentists only. The dentists in Costa Rica are registered with the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica i.e. College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica. Without registration, they do not get their licenses and work permits.

Qualified Clinics

We have pre-screened all the dental clinics before suggesting them to our patients. We have inspected their quality standards, and after going through our rigorous standards of cleanliness, these clinics are added to our recommended list. These clinics use proper sterilization procedures and follow OSHA standards for cleanliness. Therefore, most of them are accredited with AAAHC as well.

Moreover, these dental clinics only hire experienced and trained specialists. The dentists in these clinics have completed their dental education from the most prestigious dental schools in Costa Rica or abroad.

Qualified Dental Labs

Apart from this, we only recommend dental clinics that use FDA approved dental material. These dental clinics have qualified dental labs where dental material is designed according to the needs of their patients. We monitor their use of material closely to ensure compliance with international regulations.

Our approved clinics work with master dental laboratory technicians only.

Free Price Quotes from the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide services

Our purpose is to create ease and help dental tourists. We offer free quotes, which help our patients get an accurate price estimate for their required dental treatments by filling a two-minute form. Our Specialists Team studies the need of the patient, identifies the best dentists, and then contacts the patient within a day or two.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that it is tough for a foreign patient to contact several dental clinics and ask for the price before making the final decision. Therefore, we provide our patients with 2 to 3 different dental clinic options and help them to compare prices. By doing so, they decide the clinic that can offer the best value and fit with their schedule.

Our recommended clinics offer a 50 to 80% discount compared to their US counterparts. So, by getting your dental treatment in our recommended dental clinics, you can save thousands of dollars.

Among the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide services you have the Dental Forum

We provide our patients with a dental forum where they can ask all the questions that they have. Other than this, our patients can call us at 1(888)223-3591 or drop us an email at related to their query. We also assist them with flight booking, accommodation, transportation, and other logistics.

Online Reviews

Some professional bloggers come and get their dental work done from our recommended clinics to write their positive or negative reviews online. These posts are usually available on TripAdvisor,, Dental Departures, and many more. Check our online reviews and you will know why you should trust The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide services.

Another reason why to choose the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide Services is that we have been featured within the TOP 30 Costa Rica Blogs according to Feedspot and among the Top 100 Dental Blogs in the world.

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