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Impact of High Dental Prices in America: Seeking Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental Prices in America

Impact of High Dental Prices in America

Dental prices in America continue to rise exponentially every day. What is the impact of this increase on the general public? Find out now!

Have you or a loved one skipped a dental procedure because of the high dental prices in America? Hundreds of Americans have and this just continues to become more common. This may be the fundamental reason why dental tourism has become so popular in America. Patients routinely seek affordable treatment with verified clinics under The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide.

Impact of High Dental Prices in America

While activists, politicians, and the general public continue to focus on the rising medical bills in healthcare, dental care often takes a backseat in the United States. The importance of oral hygiene is still not realized by people even though it can increase the risk of heart disease, digestive issues, and cancer.

In the US, only around half the population has dental insurance. Those who do are often faced with a multitude of restrictions. Some can’t utilize the insurance for dental issues they have from beforehand while others can only avail $1,500 a year. This barely makes a dent since even a single dental implant in the United States costs $5,000. This means that when a dental problem arises, people simply cannot afford the dental prices in America.

This has led to a really poor state of dental health in America. One in four elderly adults has untreated tooth decay in the country. About a quarter of people above 65 have lost all their teeth. Almost 8000 people die of cancers of the oral region, which could have been diagnosed with regular checkups.

Dental health has been linked with all sorts of mental and physical illnesses. It is a vital part of our healthcare that needs to be focused on more.

Choosing Dental Care in Costa Rica

Due to the high dental prices in America, patients are increasingly seeking dental treatment abroad. Many prefer the high standard of dental care that you can get in Costa Rica at a fraction of the cost. Specialists in the region work under industry regulations and tough competition due to which prices remain low.

For example, dental prices in America for a dental implant are $5,000. In Costa Rica, you can get a dental implant installed by an implantologist for $750-$1,000. Even if you factor in the hotel and travel costs, you will be spending around $2,500. You will still end up saving half the cost simply by visiting one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide can help you find verified clinics in the area. This will ensure that your procedures are conducted with the best technology and equipment. The dental teams working under the service are also highly trained individuals, ensuring that you will return home with a smile on your face.

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