Is Regular Brushing Enough? Tooth Decay Treatments in Costa Rica

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Is Regular Brushing Enough?

Most Americans face tooth decay. Is regular brushing enough to protect your teeth or will you need tooth decay dental treatments in Costa Rica? Find out now!

Nearly all Americans have tooth decay one study finds. When they hit the age of 65, almost 96% of Americans have cavities, with a quarter that remain untreated. While regular brushing and flossing is a good start to better oral health, it is certainly not enough to keep away dental problems. It is important to visit verified dentists through The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide for tooth decay treatments in Costa Rica.

Tooth Decay Treatments in Costa Rica

There are many tooth decay treatments in Costa Rica that you can avail to improve the oral health of your teeth.

Plaque Removal

Plaque forms due to the buildup of harmful bacteria around the teeth. They can eat away at the enamel, leaving the teeth unprotected. During a professional cleaning, the Costa Rica dentist will use water powered jets and cleaning devices to remove all the plaque from the teeth. This reduces the risk for cavities and other dental issues, as well as keeping the person’s breath fresh.


After the removal of plaque, patients usually need a polishing treatment. Tooth decay treatment in Costa Rica includes this step so that that the stains can be eliminated from the teeth. Many patients resort to over the counter teeth whitening products but they can actually hurt the enamel of the teeth. Methods like zoom whitening are on another level since they result in a truly beautiful smile that can’t be achieved with home kits and regular brushing.

Fluoride Treatment

Active fluoride agents can actually help form a natural defense against cavities in teeth. If you choose tooth decay dental treatments in Costa Rica, the dentist will use a strong fluoride chemical after routine cleaning procedures. This will help strengthen your teeth and maintain the natural integrity of the tooth. It helps to protect against serious dental issues that may need more invasive procedures if you are not careful.

Brushing Quality

People need to brush their teeth on a daily basis with the proper technique. Without this, the formation of plaque becomes overwhelming and can lead to major tooth decay. During your examination under tooth decay treatment in Costa Rica, the dentist can recommend some suggestions to you to improve your brushing technique. This will ensure that you are able to prevent tooth decay in the future.

Dental Exam

The main benefit of opting for tooth decay treatment in Costa Rica is that you will get a thorough examination by a specialist. Costa Rica Dentists may recommend some x-rays to check the internal condition of the teeth, as well to ensure that you don’t need further treatment. This can help to identify further issues, as well as locate any cavities that may be needed. It can also pinpoint any other serious dental issues in the gums and teeth that may have led to other issues if not treated at once.

While regular brushing is a good start to better oral health, it can still allow a lot of plaque and decay. It is better to seek proper tooth decay treatment in Costa Rica at affordable dental prices with The Costa Rica Dental Implants Guide.

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