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Why Costa Rica Dental Tourism Is Flourishing?

costa rica dental tourism

Costa Rica dental tourism

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Is Flourishing. Why?

People are choosing dental tourism in Costa Rica due to shorter wait times, low costs, and expert dental treatment. Find out more about why Costa Rica dental tourism is flourishing!

Costa Rica has been the talk of the town recently due to many reasons including tourism, adventure, wellness tourism, autistic-friendly tourism, and more. The country has really great tourism models since it is peaceful, enjoys great weather, offers plenty of tourist destinations and activities, and is easily accessible by North Americans. Recently, there has been a huge focus on Costa Rica dental tourism as well and for good reason. This industry is boosted by ventures like DentistUP, the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide that support safe travel and expert dental treatment abroad.

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

While every imaginable tourism trade is surfacing in the country, Costa Rica dental tourism still remains an important focal point of the tourism industry. It is one of the most traveled to destinations by North American medical tourists. There are a wide variety of procedures that Costa Rica offers that people are more than happy to get. This may be due to the highly qualified physicians in Costa Rica that deal with dental patients from all over the world every day.

Why Dental Tourism is Popular?

Dental tourism is flourishing since there are many reputable and verifiable dental clinics that one can choose to go to. Medical procedures like a triple bypass can often be really scary and are something that most people don’t want to travel for.

However, dental tourism in Costa Rica is something that patients can properly plan out and research on. This eliminates the risk of low-quality dental care since you can partner with DentistUP, the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide to ensure you receive only world-class dental care. Such procedures aren’t invasive and only need a steady hand with good technology.

There is also a lack of patients who have ready plans for dental insurance in North America, which is why it is really popular with patients from that region. More than 50% of Americans don’t have dental insurance plans in place. Those who do are faced with limitations of such plans like a $1,500 limit or prerequisites for dental procedures. The $1,500 limit isn’t even enough to cover half the cost for the $5,000 dental implant in the US. People choose dental tourism in Costa Rica since it allows them to get dental implants at 70% of the cost!

The tourist destinations in Costa Rica also make it a really popular spot for dental tourists. There are many opportunities for you to relax on the thousands of miles of coastal lines. You can also enjoy many other activities like deep sea diving, bird watching, hiking, spa trip, etc. This is one reason why Costa Rica is at the top of many tourism lists.

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is a great option for patients who don’t want to pay the extraordinary costs that exist in the US and Canada. Finding verified clinics with DentistUP, the #1 Dental Tourism Guide is easier than ever.

Contact DentistUP today and let us help you and guide you in your goal to smile again.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

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